I’d Welcome All My Prodigal Sons – Brian Ethier

I’d Welcome All My Prodigal Sons

January 3, 2021 12:00 PM
Brian Ethier

The heart of man it can be a most devious thing,
From which all that is undesirable always do spring;
The servant became unkind, a swell of pride filled humankind,
Away, away they turned their back on the Mastermind.


Come back, come back for I’ve prepared a wine so fine,
A banquet of succulent foods in order for you to dine;
Come back to Me, Yahuah, the Creator of endless charms,
I’d welcome all My prodigal sons with wide open arms.

Earth could have remained a paradise for one and all,
But choosing the deception, it started the downfall;
Now man pursued his own game, now a prisoner of his shame,
Yet in Their image was he which one day many will reclaim.

Happy the day when you finally see your blindness,
You’d be surprised how far you can go with kindness;
For now I must remain content and prepare a special blend,
For there will be such rejoicing when you finally do amend.


Do come back My prodigal sons, please do come back,
Do come back My prodigal sons, please, please, please do come back!

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