ICHABOD – Rebecca Roberts

Rebecca Roberts

February 4, 2019


Shiloh, the religious center for Israel, was the home of the Tabernacle of God for nearly 400 years.

In the days of Eli the high priest, the children of Israel turned from God and went whoring after Baal and Ashtoreth and the lamp of the Lord went out in the Tabernacle. Wickedness lay in their hearts as they worshipped their gods and sacrificed their children to Moloch. But this did not stop them from thinking that God still highly favored them and that He would protect them no matter how sinful they had become.

After being threatened by the Philistines, the elders told the men to take the Ark of the Covenant and go fight the Philistines. They did not inquire of God. They did not ask Eli. Eli’s sons, Hophni and Phinehas, both evil priests, took the Ark of the Covenant into battle. That day, 30,000 men fell including Eli’s two sons. Eli fell and broke his neck. His daughter in law also died in childbirth. She gave birth to a son who was named Ichabod, because the glory of the Lord had left Israel. (Read I Sam. 4.)

Nearly 400 years have passed from 1620 to now, when the first Puritans came to America seeking a place to worship God. God was the King of our land. We were called by His name. He made us great. He made us to prosper. He carried us through wars and trials, famines and pestilence.

But this once great nation has forsaken Him. We have run after our own lusts and desired lying kings to rule over us that He did not choose. We have tossed every family value in the fire. We have embraced diversity. We ignore the blood of the innocent. The sanctity of marriage has been destroyed. Everything that our nation was built on is gone.

America has become a prostitute in the temple of Baal, teaching other nations to do the same and we still believe we are God’s chosen people and that no evil could ever fall on this great nation.

Has ICHABOD been written across our land?

Has the glory of the Lord left us?

Has America crossed the line?

Has the sins of our nation become a stench in the nostrils of God?

…If so, judgment is at the door. America will never be great again.

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