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I Would Speak To You! – Victoria Ann

I Would Speak To You!

August 29, 2021 856 AM
Victoria Ann

Speak Holy Father!!

Have I not said to not put your trust in horses or strong armies?  
Have I not said to look to the heavens?— To look to the place of My throne; 
for I Am indeed seated on My throne above the heavens and the earth is My foot stool.
 Do you not fully understand the power of the King to command the safe passage of His own?  
I Am not like your fake president. 
I do not beg for “safe passage” from your enemies… 
No!  I command your enemies, and they shudder at the sound of My Name!
Indeed My voice terrifies them.
 I send My orders and dictates, and they must obey!
In order for a boil to be pressed, it must rise to the top and be seen. As the poison is pressed out it is seen and smelt;
 it’s corruption is pressed out of the living organism, and it is known for all its filth what is within. 
This is what I Am doing when I, yes expose evil!
It must be seen and felt and smelled. Yet I will not kill the healthy and the clean when
I remove that which is putrid and foul. 
I Am exposing the putrid and the foul!
 See all you people, and wake up to the truth of what you have been ruled by! 
This oozing putrid carbuncle ridden world-system is what you have submitted to! 
You could have had a righteous and just Ruler; 
But you have chosen to submit to the bondage of this oozing filth! 
–This putrid corrupted spirit wants to cover your children with its corruption…
It would capture your minds, your children’s minds, and they would become like what it is that they are captured by…

You can only serve ONE master.
 Will it be the one who captures and enslaves you by stealth and corruption and bondage; 
who seeks to turn you into the image and likeness of what it is??  
Look at it!  Do not turn your face away or cover your eyes to this! 
This is what the system of the world really is! 
It is corruption and anguish for mothers and fathers for the innocence of their children!  It is fear.
It is loathing the injustice and the hypocrisy; 
— and the very ones who, while dining on the fat of the land, the best of all things, 
they are standing with their foul boots on your neck to keep your face in the mire of their making! 
Every freedom they deny you they have given to themselves and those who are paid richly to flatter them! 
Every morsel of food you are denied is not too good for them,
or indeed even as “It is too good for you,” it may be despised and thrown to their dogs!

 Do you not see and understand that you are despised? 
Do you not realize that you have been deceived by that which you are even now 
desperately seeking a way to appease in order to have the favor granted you to breath,
 or work for them in order to provide a few left over morsels to feed your family…
Even as you will soon be begging these vipers to allow you to keep your own child!
You will not be able to keep your children safe, for you shall be relieved of all:
ALL liberty, and that which is honorable and just.

Your children are even now being confiscated from their parents by those who declare THEY are the rightful keepers of the children of the world!
—They shall sift through them; they shall determine their ends, not you.
__You were merely, “The humans that spawned these offspring. “
Notice that in all ways, the language has changed to remove the dignity that I bestowed upon My  own… 
I called you “man,” for I created you and formed you
 and placed within you, My breath, in order that I might form you into My own image and likeness,
 and bring you unto Myself as My own children!
— That I might give you victory and authority over all your enemies, and an inheritance you cannot even imagine! 

For your eyes are focused far, far too low!
They are focused on the filth of the earth, 
hoping not for the glorious promises made from the beginning to be manifested in and through you,
 waiting on the Glorious Son of Man to appear and bring you through this as My redeemed and sealed children. 
No! —You are putting your hope in that which is like the pus out of a carbuncle…
Or else your eyes would be turned to Me, not searching around for a glimmer of hope in this world
and for a “rescuer” to arise from the polluted earth. 
Those who see him arise from the polluted earth will then be subject to that abomination. 

Those who looked away from the things of the earth and sought that which is above and comes from above, 
shall be lifted out of the bondage and corruption of the earthly realm which is falling quickly into even more bondage and despair.
 They shall truly be set free.  He who the Son sets free shall be free indeed!

There is a far greater deception coming. 
As men are groaning under the bondage of corruption that surrounds them, closing in like wolves, 
there shall arise out of the corrupted earth, the one they shall gather to and grab onto as their “prince
 —their “deliverer…”
But he shall be the greatest of deceivers yet, for he shall be the son of perdition:
Not the Son of the Living God!
 Because their groaning shall be so intense, as they are growing daily even now by design of the evil one, 
they will be primed to take hold of the one who arises and grows strong; 
Aided by the appearance of strength and compassion and a film of goodness! —Understand that it is as thin as a film!
 It will flake off very quickly as soon as the power he craves is placed upon him;
And none shall escape his grip with their freedom or lives. 

His hatred for man-kind is at a burning intensity. He has no regard for any life but his own. 
For a brief moment there will seem to be a time of peace and security, and the people will be deceived into thinking that they can finally live in peace…
But it shall not last for long! 
Because they do not want the possibility of being ruled by the very evil rulers they are groaning under now
they will gladly confer upon him authority to govern them all without further “corrupted elections”—Thinking they will have a good and just governor for a long time. 
The people will be deceived believing they are throwing off tyranny which is making itself very odious to the people now; 
But it is a great deception that will cause the people of the earth to place themselves under the mark of the Beast! 
They will pledge loyalty to this man who brings them peace and will persecute all those who will refuse to take the mark! 
For those who will not, are these who are now seeing through the deception;
 But too late to have come into the kingdoms true peace and rest and security and joy…
But they shall now seek its gates and they will come out from under the power of deception,
 and shall yet enter into the kingdom IF they will recognize the One true King of Kings…
 If they will believe and see they were deceived and rebellious and seek the One true King of heaven and earth. 

Even now, why are so many who claim to be seeking Me, seeking the false one who will come up out of the earth?  
Why are they not searching the heavenly realm? 
When it is time for the great eagles to fly; (They are no longer feathering the nest!)
 who you are, soon to leave your home, are you still devoting all your time and attention to it, or are you now focused upon the home you are leaving for? 

This time  is very short.
Soon there will be a much, much greater realm of glory and rest and joy where your home is waiting for you. 
It is indeed filled with all good treasures from your pilgrimage on the earth.

What would you have waiting for you for all eternity?
 Seek those things… Seek the things of heaven now. 
Seek to do that which pleases your Father in heaven now.
Seek that which is above this earthly corruption. 
Seek that which is higher than the earth. 
Seek to serve the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, for you have a high position in that Kingdom…
Your place is there, not here. 

Do not allow yourself to be deceived.  Behold, I Am coming quickly for My Darling!
Look up child!  Do not allow your heart to be troubled!
 I know  you.  I know your heart.  I see and I hear the cries from My children,
from My Beloved as she begs for Me to come for her!
Yes!  America shall not be the same again. 
It shall change into something different… 
Her strength and her beauty was the people within who honored and glorified Me; Who set Me as the crown of their nation,
 and understood I was the source of their power and greatness. 
I Am the One who prospered this country. I did that to show the earth the blessings that flow from My hand. 
—To make known to the earth that, “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord!”  
But I have been replaced.
 They will not have The Man ruler over them.  They desire one like themselves…
A man of their own corrupted image and likeness.  
They worship themselves now.
 They are focused on the fallen and the corrupted things of the earth.
 They are focused on their entertainments, their food.  Their food.
 Not the food of those who are hungry… 
They will simply extract the bread, the fruit of the labor of the powerless to appease their need for the appearance of compassion;
 But they have none themselves.  If the hungry are still hungry… 
They shall simply tax the powerless even more as they continue their indulgences to their body of pride.

 They have no desire for righteousness…That is outdated and archaic.  
They want all humans to be the same.  They call this “equity”. 
They do not seek equality with these masses… No. 
They have set themselves far, far above the masses they intend to subjugate and rule with an iron fist.
 Yes… That is the iron in the feet of the Beast.
  Just as iron smashes the clay, the clay will crumble under the weight and corruption of the irons of bondage.  

The last terrible kingdom on earth shall be one of bondage
The iron shall indeed be fully intermingled among the clay of the earth, man.
— Watching and controlling at every turn,
 all thoughts, words and actions shall be monitored and controlled to root out all “non-compliance.”
 The clay cannot withstand the power of the iron, for indeed the iron despises the weakness of the clay and seeks to destroy it all and to fully and completely fall…
To become the iron and invincible foundation of all the kingdoms before it;
But it shall fall in upon itself and I shall smash it with the Rock!
It shall indeed fall, for there is no firm foundation!
 It shall crumble completely and brought to complete ruin.

Those who have looked for Me at all stages in and through all the Kingdoms of the history of the earth, I shall sift through… 
I know them, I have seen and heard them.
 I Am the rest and the peace and the Justice they have hungered and thirsted after.
 I shall give them bread and water, and they shall be revived.  I will comfort them.
 I will satisfy their longings with all good things and be their God and they shall be
My own people.  I will love them and care for them.  For I Am Good. 

Yes, Wisdom has indeed fallen, fallen in the street, in the mire…
And they simply walk over her as they run to satisfy their lusts!
They lust for knowledge; always adding to their knowledge but never understanding what they are doing or why
They lust for entertainments and drugs to numb that sense of foreboding;
That is a spiritual alarm.
 Indeed, they seek new ways to disarm their conscious and their instincts that I gave them.

 Indeed, the world has always had potions and sorceries to enable those who seek to run away from the life I placed in them to do so!
—Not understanding they are disconnecting from the very things that made them alive! 
They are being hollowed out with their constant drowning out of the stillness of My voice… The peace of My Presence, with their loud and constant sounds of the world;
The enemy of their lives! 
They think if they could just “not think,” that would be the solution.
 Indeed that is exactly what their enemy and enslaver and executioner wants them to think and do.  Is he not the Deceiver?  Indeed! 

To be set free from the deception, the man must disconnect from the matrix…
The matrix is the system of the world: Political, the entertainment, the movies, shows, music and the false religion of “social justice” 
—which only sounds good, but is corrupted through and through.  It is in reality the dismantling of their own humanity! 
The “equity” they are deceived into rioting for and demanding is their slavery.  
When they are aware of their bondage it will be too late for them to riot for their freedom!
 Then indeed they shall all have their “equity!” 

Their rulers do not seek to share their power with the masses, only to remove their remaining scraps of freedom they have left,
 using their riots and inciting the riots in order to do so. 
And when they have accomplished their objectives;
 Like a military operation that has completed the mission, they will evacuate all the “friendlies” from among the masses 
and theirs shall now be the “equity” they sought: Slavery and subjugation to their rulers and deceivers.  

You have the thought, “That it was not Afghanistan that has fallen… No, it is America!” 
That is correct.  It was intentional.  This was not an accident.
Your leader is not accountable to the people of America…
He is accountable to the Deceiver who is ruling him, 
and the Deceiver is making it known that the country is ripe for the picking 
by the enemies that have been held at bay by her strength for as long as she held on to Me!

 When I remove her strength she will indeed fall and be only the empty shell
 in order to be infilled by the enemies that are circling her now. 
Her strength has been My Lights
Those who are the salt and the light of the earth have been the source of the light of her beacon of freedom for the earth. 
All were drawn to her light as she welcomed all who sought freedom.
 When I remove My Bride, her light will go out. 
It shall be replaced by a false light and a false beacon that will invite the enemy to come and infest her 
and overtake all that remains of the spoil. 

Detach yourself now and have no part in her sins.  
Remove your citizenship to this country, and place it in My hands! 
Your citizenship is in heaven where you shall soon reside! 
Those who will be left behind have been warned.
 They are not without knowledge, and they have rejected understanding.
 Many will suddenly understand what has happened and will rise up and do valiant things. 
And I will release My war eagles on their behalf!  Evil shall be judged! 

This will be a time of My judgement upon the evil of the earth and a time showing Myself faithful to those who put their trust in Me. 
I will not abandon those left behind!  I will not leave any stranded.
 I will send out My special forces to seek and deliver them to safety. 
I do not abandon My promises, and I do not abandon My children.
 I have said ALL who call upon the Lord shall be saved,
 and this shall be a time when many shall now lift up their voices to the heaven to be rescued! 

I Am not like the wicked of the earth who delight in terror…
Who delight in seeing the defilement of the innocent as they plead for the promised help that never was coming!
As they see the wicked ferried out of the danger and they are left behind. 
I do not give false hopes and promises. 
I do not humiliate those who put their trust in Me and hold fast to My Name and promises!  
There is not one single soul that I will abandon!  I will have My own! 
They will not be abandoned, though they may surrender their hold on this life to enter into their peace and eternal life in My Kingdom;
 They are not abandoned! 
Many shall rise up with My help and protection, and bring many to the shores of eternity; to the gates of My Kingdom!
 And I will welcome them in, and give them rest forever! 
I have in My hands rewards for the feats of honor and mercy and valiant works of great distinction and courage
 that shall be performed throughout the earth in that time! 

This shall be a time of great feats of courage and great shows of cowardliness!
 I will give safe passage to My forces to help and cover and protect those who are seeking My Kingdom and their Salvation, 
those who are running to My Son! 

Do not be anxious.  Do not worry.  Do not fear. 
Be about your Fathers business that you may have a great reward in heaven. 
Be preparing yourself.  Be encouraging those who will listen to you.
 Be alert.  Be ready.  Be attentive and vigilant!

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