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I Will Usurp the Usurpers – Brother Thomas


I Will Usurp the Usurpers

February 5, 2021 11:49 AM
Brother Thomas

February 5th 2021

In prayer time seeking the Lord, I’ve had several visions of fireballs piercing the atmosphere! I’ll be still, resting in Jesus and there’s a recurring vision of asteroids blazing through the sky about to hit the earth! At first there was no clear location except North America! I don’t know if it’s several fireballs or one at a time in a series of impacts but I’ve had the vision 5-6 times in the past two weeks! These visions seem to have one main fireball. Then in one prayer time last week I heard from the Spirit of God!

For every attack by the enemy on My children,

I will pour down My Holy Spirit to meet and exceed it!

I will usurp the usurpers!

Gather onto Thee my Ark of safety and deliverance!

I saw a vision of D.C. devastated. It was in complete ruins! A second strike soon to follow was in a knowing. It was not clear but possibly the East Coast tsunami so many prophets have seen! I was shown a tsunami impact on the East Coast 7 years ago that hit my childhood home on Cape Cod! It was not the massive one like the movies or the giant asteroid strike in Revelation, but it was about 80- 120’ tall and devastating. The wave that hits N.Y. is much bigger at the same time!

There have been almost daily words, dreams visions, Biblical passages and audibles from the Lord the past few weeks! I will be obedient and share as the Lord leads!

Glory to the King of Kings, our Lord and Savoir, Christ Jesus !!!

Bother Thomas

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