I WILL THROW THEM DOWN – Barbara Francis


Barbara Francis

Daughter , share what you have seen and heard. In my prayer time this morning August 9, 2019 6 am, I asked you if there was anything I needed to see . WHAM, you showed me the statue of Liberty in NY. Next you spoke…. Man exaults himself and pays homage to man. Each trying to out do the other. Building towers to honor themselves. PRIDE. Using technology and information gathered from from the fallen ones. Then you named things, the Seattle Needle, The Leaning tower of Pisa, the tower in Emerites.. I WILL THROW THEM DOWN. Just as I did in the past with the tower in Babylon. I will do it again in this last generation of man. MAN REFUSES TO HUMBLE HIMSELF AND REPENT AND RETURN TO ME. Vengeance is mine.

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Transcript en Espanol

Hija, comparte lo que has visto y oído. En mi tiempo de oración esta mañana, 9 de agosto de 2019 a las 6 a.m., te pregunté si había algo que necesitaba ver. WHAM, me mostraste la estatua de la Libertad en Nueva York. Luego hablaste … El hombre se exalta a sí mismo y rinde homenaje al hombre. Cada uno tratando de hacer el otro. Construyendo torres para honrarse a sí mismos. ORGULLO. Usando tecnología e información recopilada de los caídos. Luego nombraste cosas, la Aguja de Seattle, La torre inclinada de Pisa, la torre en Emerites … LOS LANZARÉ. Tal como lo hice en el pasado con la torre en Babilonia. Lo haré nuevamente en esta última generación de hombres. EL HOMBRE SE NEGA A HMBLE SÍ MISMO Y SE ARREPIENTE Y VUELVE A MÍ. La venganza es mía.

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  1. Erika

    Thank you for sister!!
    I am feeling like constantly praying and desiring Jesus more than anything right now❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. Alexander Black

    Truth God is felt thing of people mocking about God and etc plus evolution to be above God and more , one time lawyer told me holy bible is to be mental issue..i told lawyer in meaner behavior and lawyer said to me that i am mental issue and violence one and send me away as illness and dangerous man…what the hell!!!
    yeah i am agreement with God it time to learn lesson from olive tree send by God
    but my tell you i dream saw fire and tower of city fell down crash on ground!!…
    yah is full of slow angry till his gasket blow up then end is set……from Alex

  3. Matthew

    … the cities of the nations collapsed. Revelation 16:19.

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