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I will produce bread in the Wilderness – Who Makes Intercession For Us?

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Who Makes Intercession For Us?

October 11, 2022 4:33 PM
Who Makes Intercession For Us?

11:58 am Monday October 10th 2022

I confess that Jesus Christ is Come in the Flesh.

There is much to happen and I will be with you. I will be with you all, as I call My Son’s back to Me.

Much will change in the natural very shortly, again and I will be with you. Never think I leave, for I AM with you until the end of time and into eternity. I will be with you. I want to encourage you this day. My daughter asked for encouragement this day, thus I respond. I know it will be difficult. Many of you will be in the bush surviving as I guide, some of you are all ready there in Me. But I will be with you.

Do not worry for where you will rest your head.
I will make provision.

I have many sleeping in the streets, do not think this is beneath you. I will be with you, in this as well. Do all that I place in your hearts, as the food and rent dry up and you are forced to live alone. I AM always with you. Your car is not your possession. If I do not want it, I will throw it away. I will leave you with nothing if I so desire.

Do you not think that I can supply all your needs? I want you to understand this. Even with children, can I not supply for them too? Do not worry for what will happen to them. They will come with Me all the Way. They are easy to take over and inflow. Trust Me. Trust Me. I have much to accomplish. I want you to be happy but you must learn to be happy with nothing. Do you think you can do this?

Moses run into the wildness with Nothing. Hagar run into the wildness with a baby on board. Joseph was sold in slavery for YEARS. Was there anything to be afraid of? Why are you so worried for what is to come? For I have planned ALL this. ALL. Trust Me, I will keep pushing you until you surrender all and come to Me. Trusting on Me with everything that you have, anything you ask that is within My Will. Will be given to you but do not wait for what you think will protect you but I will protect you. Speak these Words.

Much is to come My Child. Your days in the wilderness are over but others are just starting and their days will be short if they trust Me like yours but if they do not, thier tribulation will be long.

Thus stay close to Me and I will supply all. I promise this. You will walk in the bush (a very common word in Australia for walking in the wilderness/forest) and I will supply everything you need. Trust Me. Trust Me this day. I will supply all and I will come to you. For this is another day in My Paradise with Me. In the heart and not in your mind but Mine. This, the time has come for much to come.

I will have My Way. I will support you. Food is not a problem for you. I have supplies all around you. I will show you what it is you shall eat and did I not produce bread in the wilderness for Elijah?

Trust Me and I will produce bread in the Wilderness.

The Father Above

Matthew 6:34
Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own

Exodus 2:15
Moses escaped to the Midian wilderness.

Genius 16:4
Hagar fled into the wilderness, by the fountain in the way to Shur.

1 King 19:4-8
Elijah went a day’s journey into the wilderness with no bread.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos 


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