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I Will Not Repent of the Destruction that is Coming upon America – Holy Spirit Wind


Prophetic words from the Holy Spirit
Saturday, October 15, 2016

I Will Not Repent of the Destruction that is Coming upon America

10-13-16 through 10-15-16

This message grieves my heart to write and even now I have tears streaming down my face. I must be obedient to my call and release this message in hope and prayer that a few will receive it and turn to the Only One that can save them Jesus Christ.
1 Cor13:8-9 For we know in part and we prophesy in part. But when that which is
perfect has come (Jesus), then that which is in part will be done away.

These words were spoken to me in the Spirit:

Those who have spiritual eyes to see and spiritual ears to hear, look and listen.
I tell you these things so that fear will not overcome you and so that you are prepared.
I AM the only shelter from the coming storm, under the shadow of My wings you will find peace and comfort. I AM the song in your heart, I AM the only joy for your soul, I AM love and you will arise and shine as My glory is poured out upon you to give you strength.

When you see The Event that has been prophesied by My messengers and foretold by the fallen ones, you will understand what time it is. It is the time of the end. It shall not be postponed, for once again I tell you very few have turned away from their sin. On the contrary this world gets darker by the day in every nation on the earth.
Many will begin this season strong in Me but will be will stumble and fall because of fear and doubt.
You must remember My words and My promises, and keep yourself humble before Me. You must show love to your fellow man, your neighbors, if you turn them away, you are turning Me away. You must walk in the power of My Spirit and though you stumble and even fall, you will not stay down.
You Must be born of the Spirit and your sins washed away by My blood, baptized and full of My Holy Spirit to make it through this time. Praying in the Spirit without ceasing will be the way you gain the strength and refresh yourself to be able to stand back up after you fall.

Those who have been causing division in My body will be stopped. For they shall be shaken to the very core of their being by this event. My body shall be shaken the hardest for it is asleep I have said ENOUGH! AWAKEN!
I will once again flip the tables of the money changers. All religious activity that uses My name yet is without the power of My Holy Spirit will cease to exist. There will be no more middle road of compromise, you will either follow Me or follow the enemy. I tell you ahead of time that My way will not be the easy way so count the cost now but My way is the only way to life. My way will be supernatural in protection, power and provision.

America The Event planned for your shores will be 10 times more destructive than anything you have ever seen before, for you have rejected Me and My ways and My laws.
I will allow this so called terrorist act, so that your blinders will be removed and you will see the evil that runs this system of Babylon the great. All the games, charades and political theater will be over and your leaders will be shown for who they truly are. The fire of fury that will be unleashed will be astounding, but this will only be the beginning. Even worse disasters will come upon this land that once knew Me. Your entire banking system will begin to crumble after this first event. It will falter at first and then seem to stabilize for a season and then come crashing down never to recover again. Men shall riot, loot, steal and kill because of the lack of food. The people will cry out for protection from their government and martial law will be declared. Most will cry and weep for the days of old but they are never to return.
And what of the one who was to make you great again? I AM the Great I AM!
Disease, famine and civil war shall be upon your land and brother shall fight brother and father be against son. America, I tell you troops from other nations that are said to bring peace will divide your land and hold you captive. My city and My land will never be divided by you. I will NOT allow it! This land shall be divided by a great earthquake and the seas shall rise upon you O Babylon the great. War looms on the horizon even now as you concentrate on things that don’t matter and will never come to pass. In the end America shall fall in one day and it shall be burnt from one end to the other. Then your false hope shall arrive from the heavens and most will take their mark and worship the beast because they did not know Me. Oh why America could you not see that I AM your Savior?

I have warned and pleaded with you America for many years and the warnings are over.
Oh how have cried and interceded for this nation to come back to me but it will not.
You have been blessed with more abundance of food and material wealth than any nation ever, yet you do not thank Me. You stand tall and proud but you will be made to bow as you are humbled.
I have loved you, but you have gone after idols and strayed from the straight and narrow way.
This is My final course of action toward you America, It never had to be this way.
I have a remnant in you that I will protect for they will be the reapers of the great harvest of souls. Many more of My own shall I take to be with Me out of the devastation and destruction brought upon this land.
America this is your final hour.
Repent before your Creator, Savior and God.
I will not repent of the destruction that is coming upon America.

I AM Jesus the risen Lamb slain from the foundation of the world.

HolySpiritWind at 5:56:00 AM

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