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I will not forgive the innocent bloodshed – Caroline Diadem

I will not forgive the innocent bloodshed – Caroline Diade

Published on Jan 25, 2019
Message from God 22nd January 2019


hi Caroline again and I just have a message here I have had been given a message on the 22nd of January from the Lord the Lord of quickening something to me and from the book of Hosea and I I was quite busy I’ve even quite busy working so I can get around to doing the message but then the other day i was listening to God’s healer 7 and I became aware through that lady barbara that a law had been passed in New York on the 22nd of January so it kind of made sense why God was highlighting something to me and I got a message from him following that so I just want to share with you and concerning the whole Hosea so it starts Hosea chapter I’m sorry about the lighting and also I’m quite tired it’s kind of late in the evening I didn’t get home till late tonight so and bear with me anyway so Hosea chapter verse to and I just read it out here hear the word of the Lord you children of Israel for the Lord has a controversy with the inhabitants of the land because there is no truth nor mercy nor knowledge of God in the land by swearing and lying and killing and stealing and committing adultery they break out and blood touches blood therefore shall the land mourn and everyone that dwells therein shall languish with the beasts of the field and with the fowls of heaven yes the fishes of the sea shall also be taken away ok that was the first Scripture I received and then I’ve received a few more here and I’ll explain them the message and from hosea chapter verse blow you the corner in Gibeah and the trumpet and Rahma cry aloud at Beth even after the Oh Benjamin Ephraim shall be desolate in day of rebuke among the tribes of Israel have I made don’t that which shall surely be the princes of Judah will like them that removed the boundary therefore I will pour out my wrath upon them like water Ephraim is oppressed and broken in judgment because he willingly walked after the commandment therefore will I be on to ephraim as a moth and the house of Judah as rottenness when Ephraim saw his sickness and Judah saw his wound then went he frame to the Assyrian and sent to King Jared yet he could not heal you not cure you of your wound for I will be unto ephraim as a lion and as a young lion to the house of Judah I even I will tear and go away I will take away and none shall rescue him I will go and return to my place till they acknowledge their offence and seek my face in the reflection they shall seek me early and then the last scripture was Xhosa as is six-five therefore I have I hew them by the prophets I have slain them by the words of my mouth and thy judgments are as the light that goes forth so basically I really felt that God was saying that he will not forgive the abortions and he will not forgive the blood spilt on the land that he will quickly come and bring vengeance against such atrocities and and I felt there just as the scripture says that God will come as a lion and and tear up tear up the place basically and the his fury is kindled and their message strongly on the 22nd was that that’s God will not forgive but he will judge and he will exercise judgment rapidly now I didn’t realize at the time that this law of abortion open to terminate terminate up until and just before the baby’s born due to be born and had gone through in New York I had no idea mm-hmm but I felt this them how would you say like a like a line drawn in that sound that’s what I had felt it was like him you know yeah like a line drawn in the sand like this was their this is as far as I can it can go and no further that’s the my feeling so when I heard em Godzilla seven mention about this law it made perfect sense to me why that would be the case and so I’m just gonna read you in essence what I felt on top of these scriptures what the Lord was saying so here it is and I wrote this down 23rd of January 2019


God will not forgive the shedding of innocent blood it cries out from the ground I will not forgive says the Lord I will not cover this sin it is Grievous to me these acts of men disgust me and grieves me to my core I will not overlook their sin I will not forgive says the Lord I will quickly repay and anyone who partakes in this sin shall be quickly repaid this abortion act shall now be a plague on you says the Lord so much so that you will cry out to me and I shall not here for you to find me to my face you mock me to my face I promise you this I will be a terror unto you for this evil I will let you taste the evil and poison of your own works I will come quickly to judge you says the Lord I will take the stool right from under you I will hit you like a whirlwind Brian furious at you and everyone that partners with decision watch now how I will move against you sudden like a shock wave like an icy wind that strikes a sharp sting across your face see how quickly I will move to recompense you because you do this vile thing in my sight


and so I just wanted to share that quickly and so again if you have any comments and please leave them there at the bottom okay thank you god bless you

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  1. David Lockett

    I expect will soon judgment for new York and California surprised it hasn’t happen yet, o know God merciful but something must happen soon for more babies will be slaughtered

  2. I thought Jesus said all sins will be forgiven men except blaspheming the Holy Spirit. I definitely don’t agree with abortion by the way

    • Chris

      Yes I agree this confusing… doctrine I can’t line this one with scripture

  3. Tatyanna Smith

    I’m pretty sure that God forgives people who murder others including babies.

    • Chris


    • GaurNitai Das

      Don’t be pretty sure of anything unless it is God’s written word, and His word says ‘Though Shall Not Kill.’ You’ll find out very soon.

    • Kathryn Konigsberger

      Yes Tatyanna, that is what my Bible says as well. It is my understanding that since the Christians have not stopped it, that we have culpability as well.
      BTW, this abortion up to birth has been going on in some states for years! However, the legislation has never been specific that it was allowed up until birth – it is called “Partial Birth Abortion”. I have been involved in the Right to Life movement.
      You can see the evil on the faces of the people pictured around the governor as he signed the bill.

  4. mark blackburn

    Thank you dear sister for posting this word, I had not heard about this law until I read it here. It sickens me to my stomach to think that we as a nation have descended to this level, truly all the politicians involved with this are as like Jesus called the Pharisees whited sepulchers all fair and clean outwardly but inwardly full of dead men’s bones and all corruption. When this evil is permitted (where is the church?) then I truly believe all hope for this country is gone and believe as well that God must bring judgement now for to delay it longer would only bring more and deepening wickedness.

  5. Kathreen Margaret

    The Title for this Message seems Incorrect.

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