I will never stop – Anonymous

I will never stop

Aug 8, 2019, 8:02 AM

I received this just this morning while sitting listening to brother Mike’s recent video.

I will never stop, I will never stop. I will never stop urging you to turn to ME. Until your dying last breath. I will continue to knock. Because I love you. So much. So much so I came and died for you. So you could be be with ME and MY FATHER. Our FATHER. So I wait. I wait and HOPE you will turn to ME. I love you. Can’t you understand that? WE love you. How much more must WE do? I wait. WE wait. I can not stop what is coming. It is MY FATHER’s WILL that it comes. Oh, but how I Pray and Hope for you. Yes, you to come back to ME. I love you MY beloved. With an everlasting love. MY FATHER loves you. WE love you so much. Stop and listen. Please it is almost time. For I stand at the door and knock, waiting. Please listen. Please let ME in. Fall to your knees dear ones. Call out, cry out! I will hear you.

I wish to remain anonymous as it is not my time yet.  But my hand was shaking when I recorded this. When that happens I know it is very important this gets out. And the Holy Spirit promoted me to record as I do not put messages online very often. Please bring this in prayer. After all of the warnings I have seen them get less and less over the last month. We sometimes forget that HE is the GO D of old. HE never changes. The same who split the red sea who spoke everything into existence is the same GOD (YAHWEH) that is in our side today. And forever. And loves us so much that I still don’t understand how much that really is. But I know HE does. So many times HE has saved me from myself from my own mistakes I have made. And HE loves you. After everything I have done in my life and I know HE loves me how much more does The FATHER does CHRIST JESUS love you?


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