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America, Prophecy


Krystal Beall

OCTOBER 5 2018

There is a heavy spirit of deception in America which blankets many. For this is by my hand and no man. I weep at the hardness of men’s hearts and the stiffness of many necks. I weep in that MANY…MANY… MANY of you have been deceived by the god of this world. You have listened to the cunning and persuasive speech of the serpent. The deceiver..the father of lies and in doing so you have fallen into a snare. You are trapped and bound…blindly led to the slaughter.Yet I AM with you still. I AM not without mercy or compassion. For I gave up my life upon the cross for ALL men. I bled out to my death for ALL. I was raised up to draw ALL men unto me. I will NO man to perish but to repent and live. Eternal life..Call upon MY NAME AND LIVE.. I have said before and I say again. AMERICA YOU HAVE REJECTED ME. Do you NOT hear? Do you not listen? Do you not understand? For I speak not in parables but plainly to you. YOUR NATION HAS REJECTED ME. The hearts of many remain closed to me. The fists of many men are raised high against me in America. America you have robbed me. Hear me AMERICA. I THE LORD JESUS CHRIST AM NOT FOR YOUR NATION. To all who feed deception to my flock…woe I say. Woe. For the blood of many will be spilled and shall be seen by all upon your hands. Cry out in this nation for the evil and rejection you have shown me. Weep for the mortification I the LORD have received. For truly I tell you it is grevious and most severe. For the revelation that was witnessed by John has come to pass before many yet man remains blind..deaf and unaware. My mercy is great to those whom do not comprehend what has transpired in this nation. I shall make it plain and write it upon your hearts as I lift the veil. BEHOLD TRUTH.BEHOLD THE LORD THY GOD WHOM LOVES YOU. I will not share my glory. I will not strive with a man forever. Sin abounds on the earth as never before. Lawlessness is lay bare for all to see. Yet many remain blind. You can not REJECT me and I not recompense. Vengance is MINE. I will repay. My kingdom is NOT of this world. Why then do you seek me where I do not reside? Why do you look for me in places that are in opposition to all that is written and that which I have spoken? Do you know me? Do you know really know me? Do you desire to really know me as I AM? Many false Christ’s have risen up in this final hour and have deceived many. Hananiah has captivated many. Jeremiah weeps. Yet above all…I WEEP. YES I GOD WEEP. Let me ask you again do you really know me? Many proclaim my name with their lips yet their heart is far from me. I know. I see. I hear. I feel deep sorrow for in which you have been deceived and drawn away from me. I will. In my love and mercy for man…draw many…many back to me. I am relentless for you. You reject me out of ignorance and folly. The system that has ensnared you is EVIL. I shall reveal it to you myself. For many it shall be most bitter before the sweet. For many you shall taste gall before honey. You who thirst for me now…rejoice I say loves for in an instant you shall be full and satisfied. I WILL NEVER BLESS AMERICA AGAIN. EVER. What are the blessings I bestow upon a man? Is it prosperity in your sight? The more a nation has the more they are blessed by me? The more a man has he is blessed by me? Nay I say…Nay. Store up for yourselves treasures in heaven where theives do not enter in and steal. Where moth eats not away that which is delighted and rejoiced over. That in which I alone give. I AM ETERNAL. LIFE ETERNAL. I GIVE YET NOT AS THE WORLD GIVES. Such is the deceptive speech that flows like honey and burns like gall…And has pierced both man and ME alike. More is less in my sight. I loathe what many perceive as gain. Sell all you have and give it to the poor..deny yourself…pick up your cross and follow me. Do you see that much today in the hour in which you live? I say to all men humble yourself in my sight and I shall raise you up. I alone shall exalt you. What then if a man is raised in a position of authority over a nation…you believe I AM sent him to bless you? That I AM is with him? That that man is after my own heart? I say to you you are deceived. COME OUT OF HER MY PEOPLE. TOUCH NO UNCLEAN THING AND I WILL RECEIVE YOU. Oh generation I AM COMING QUICKLY. Blessed are you my loves who are awake. Who are watching and who have forsaken this fallen world in which you live. THE WORLD HATED ME…AND STILL DOES. BLESSED ARE YOU IF THE WORLD HATES YOU. REJOICE YOU ARE MINE. Mockers and scoffers fulfil that which is written. Do not fear. Believe. You shall see the GLORY of GOD. For many will be broken and sore abased to stand before the SON OF MAN. You will weep tears of sorrow when I reveal to you that which was veiled. Yet in an instant they shall become tears of joy when you consume all I have prepared for you. You shall see me as I TRULY AM. You shall eat and be satisfied. No man shall again turn to his neighbor and question ” do you know the LORD?” For all men will know me. All men will see me as I TRULY AM. Ah the GLORY of GOD. The light of the world. Wisdom..justice.mercy..LIFE. A white stone. A new name. A garment of praise where once sackcloth was adorned. Beauty where ash lay..A crown of unending splendor and beauty..unfading. There is beauty in the ashes…and I shall reveal it to ALL…Be at peace…look up…you mourn but a moment. You shall see me and REJOICE.
Jesus Christ

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