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I Will Make Myself Known Once Again

July 21, 2022 3:47 PM

Word received 6.21.22

Daughter change is coming. Monumental change. Historic change. I will intervene in the lives of mankind once more in order to bring about the changes necessary to restore this once great nation – that she might be a light to the world. Make no mistake. This will be the last great event in history where I will make myself known to mankind once again. For too long I have stood by the sidelines and watched corrupt governments rise, man made institutions escalate and the liberal theology of the world take over. Enough is enough. I will make myself known once again. I will rise up to right the wrongs, the injustice, the corruption, the evil that has taken over. The world needs a Savior. I came that all might live. I came to set the captives free. True freedom is found in Me and Me alone.


Soon the world will look on in amazement as I turn the tables on the evil regime that has run this country and other nations to the ground. I will overturn many precedents that the corrupt officials have put in place and I will bring back My justice and order. I will make a way where there is no way. Prepare for civil disobedience. Prepare for mass uprisings as the children of the evil one revolt in chaos. That is their plan but I have a plan. The world will turn to Me and acknowledge My sovereignty, My Kingship, My place as ruler of the world.


Return to Me. The door of opportunity closes. Your eternal destiny weighs in the balance. Choose Me and choose life everlasting.

Your Savior and Lord
King Jesus
Son of David
Son of Man
I came that all might live
Amen and Amen
I come soon upon the clouds of glory

Photos courtesy Depositphotos 


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