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I will make it look planned! – Dylan J

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I will make it look planned!

March 30, 2023 8:41 PM
Dylan J

Prophecy recieved Jan 6 2023

For My children I speak WRITE!
I will crash the world
The world economy
The actual earth later
(Bc I thought of an actual crack like an earthquake probably bc i had just seen the giant crack forming in Africa in the news)
I will make it look planned! But it was Me! I AM causes destruction for a nation so absent of Me, so void of all things good.
I will make her suffer! I will make her abused, abomonation! I will expose (the children) I make all things new! I will vomit her put of My mouth! I will make all things known! WRITE
(To me and others like me)
I will settle you down in a new life. I will make you relax truly relax. I will calm you I will read to you, you were born for such a time as this My daughter born for this. You were never good enough never special in peoples eyes I made you like this for a reason to make you stand out, to make you stand apart. I will use you to preform signs and wonders like Moses ,a leader, (very soon!) To part the sea and to set the captive free, to break their chains like I have broken and will soon break ALL of yours. You will be a true testimony, a TRUE ONE, a disiple of My church, a leader of My one true army of God! I Love you Dylan, Stay true to Me your ever loving Father (kisses)
Im not mad at you your doing GREAT (says it just how my dad does)

Dylan J

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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