I Will Help You Enter a Different Eternity- Smoking, Drinking, & Drugs be gone in Jesus Name – LynL

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I Will Help You Enter a Different Eternity-
Smoking, Drinking, & Drugs be gone in Jesus Name

September 25, 2023 11:20 PM

I go thru the masses, I look at the hearts of my children, some are so weak in love, compassion and feelings for others. I Am saddened by all I see. I see many empty shells that show little promise. I see lost individuals that could have been whole, if they would only come to me. I see the rivers of regret as they enter their final resting place. I hear their cries, but it will be too late when their future collides with various (their) timelines.
Now, it still is NOT too late to clean out the sins that will help you enter a different eternity. One of peace and tranquility. Your choices in life bring you to your destination, not me. My help, to clean your soul, can be obtained by prayer, speaking with me, repentance, staying away from all sins. I Am there to help, guide and accomplish what has always seemed impossible. But it is not. Stay close to me, follow my lead. Find out more, of I Am, so you can emulate what I did, while on Earth. I know change seems impossible, but NOTHING is impossible with I Am.

Those of my children who are still on drugs, drinking alcohol, smoking or polluting your bodies in anyway, I ask you to stop. I ask you to put a halt in the direction you have been in, and about face.
Your body is part of my body. What you do to your vessel affects me as well. I ask if you love me, to come to me on bended knees and ask for endurance to quit. I ask you to rebuke your addiction and ask to be released of its hold on you. Speak to the addiction (demon) and tell it that it is no longer welcome in your body (housing) and that you do not want it to ever return (always in Jesus’ name).
Ask me to stop that addiction fully and totally and to give you zero desire for it going forward. Ask me to make it so you will not be able to go back to this addiction and leave it to me to make this happen.
It is imperative that you do not re-immerse yourself with this addiction again, for it will re-infest your body.
I will make it much easier for you to leave this crutch, but you must also put in the effort as well. Together we can accomplish this.

Your obedience in the coming season will be paramount, for your safety, as well as others. It is important that you follow my lead, my still small voice, to get to a safe place. When you hear instructions, do not hesitate, immediately react and do what you are told. Much will happen in this season, most for the worse.
I will be with my children, guiding them. Do not fear or worry, for fear is of the enemy and will allow for entities to attach themselves to you. Stay focused and centered on I Am. Pray for all your loved ones, especially those who do not know me. Give thanks for what you wish to be accomplished and know that I Am God.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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