“I will forge the nations” – Aubern Lee LaLiberty

By Aubern Lee LaLiberty

URGENT Word: 5-8-2018 5:50 AM

I will forge the nations. My wrath is kindled against thee. Your leaders have conspired against me and my people. It is written in my Holy word. All is not what it seems. Come to me now my loves. Enter into to my glory. My hidden place.

I am your fortress, your strong tower . Now is the time! I love you my children. The hour is late. The hour IS Now!! Come to me NOW. Do not delay. There is no more time. Seek me NOW! Fall on your faces.

This is my last request. I’ve been warning my people. My Mighty Warriors have not forsaken me. I am you Lord and King, Jesus Christ. My sheep hear my voice. Listen up, you who do not believe. I am tested and true. Your everlasting true love. Your Living Savior, Your El Shaddai. I am Coming for my bride. All will be made new. You Will see my Glory. Know me. Call upon my name. Bring your hearts to my throne room in prayer. Enter into my eternal rest. I love you my Children. I Am Coming.

make or shape (a metal object) by heating it in a fire or furnace and beating or hammering it.
synonyms: hammer out, beat into shape, fashion
“smiths forged swords


I had been listening to videos and praying and He started speaking to me. As always he gives me a word I don’t know.. that fits. I had to look it up.

***Please take all words into prayer and ask for confirmations.


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