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I Will Foil the Plans of the Enemy – Cryptic1

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I Will Foil the Plans of the Enemy

August 17, 2022 9:41 PM

I received this word 8.13.22. You are My scribe. Write down the words I give you that the world may know who I AM is.

We live in perilous times but fear not for I am with you. The enemy’s plans are failing and they are desperately trying to pull out all the stops. Be not afraid. Your President, your rightful President Donald J Trump will return soon. My hand is upon this man. He is like a rock unyielding and will not bow down to the evil regime in the world, in the government. The Cabal will fall soon. Get ready. I have sent out many warnings. My hand is upon this man who will lead the country out of oppression and tyranny. This nation (America) was founded on freedom and My principles. It will return once more.

I will free My peoples so they can rise up and usher in the greatest revival of all times. History is being made. Bells will ring. There will be rejoicing in the streets when I expose the evil tyrannical power which has held you captive. America rise up! Be a light to the world. I will overturn the elections that were stolen. I will right the wrongs. I will expose the evildoers and the perpetrators. I will foil the plans of the enemy. Rise up oh church and preach the gospel to all the world!

Change is coming. Get ready. Civil unrest. Exposure in the news. Trials. Military tribunals. Executions. Big Pharma will be exposed and will pay for their heinous crimes. Many children have been affected by the vax and have suffered immeasurably. I will repay sayeth the Lord. A spirit of Prophecy will begin to operate in the earth as I pour out My spirit across the world.


I am coming soon upon the clouds of glory

Be ready for My return

Your Savior, Lord and King


Jesus the Christ

King of Kings and Lord of Lords

Photos courtesy Depositphotos 


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