I will do a new thing and every knee will bow… – Angela García

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I will do a new thing and every knee will bow…

May 3, 2023 6:39 AM
Angela García

(Isaiah 43:19/Philippians 2:10)

Rcv’d 5/01/23

Daughter speak my words to those who have ears to hear. Let it be so! I AM the mighty Great I AM. He who is, who was and will be forever more. Who do they say I AM? Do they know the Great I AM? Do they seek properly wholeheartedly? Do they seek my ways, come to me to walk in my will? Do I know them? Is their name written in the book of life?

I tell you there are but two destinations. And life is not a party, but a lesson learned to build character for my kingdom. Are they worthy to enter the kingdom? Have they cleaned their garments?

I tell you few have listened to the calling. I call and I call!!! Who will be found worthy, truly walking in my will, walking in faith covered in my ways? All have been called but few have been chosen. I called and called, let it be so!!!

I AM not a man that should lie. I call my kingdom to order who picked up the mantle? Few I tell you, Child, my ways are higher and greater is he who is in you than he who is in the world! Walk the walk, talk the talk, be my mighty warriors as I say boots on the ground my way my will. In all things big and small make me a part of your day. I desire relationship with my children. I call my own to my feet I will guide and direct my own. How great is my love tell them my Love is everlasting and my sacrifice was not for nothing, but that they would be free from the bondage of sin to live freely not to freely live in their sin. My ways are higher know my ways children. Seek me now while I may be found. The Kingdom Truly is at hand. I Love my lost children and my prophets, speaking truth during this dark time when all should be at my feet. Come all ye faithful, I will give you peace! Shalom, my children seeking and lost in the world. I love you all

Yeshua the true Messiah Jesus the Christ

My love is everlasting. I AM that I AM how Great I AM

Your Father

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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