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I Will Displace The Earth – Caroline Diadem

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I Will Displace The Earth

December 1, 2022
Caroline Diadem

A message from God about events that will affect the earth and the global climate.The Earth’s rotation will slow down and its axis will change. This will cause global flooding and plagues.

Auto Generated Transcript

hi friends it’s Caroline here again so I
have a very interesting word from the
Lord that I just received yesterday so
that I just wanted to come on straight
away not waste time and just share it
with you all and so it’s um just a very
interesting word about what’s going to
happen with the Earth and you know I
know myself I’ve heard words about the
tilt of the earth and the rotation of
the earth and things changing and I I
specifically remember John Paul Jackson
talking about
um that there was going to be changes
um with the climate and everything due
to certain things that’s happening in
the Earth
so I got
a word from the Lord concerning this
particular subject
um so this is very interesting so
um you know do tune in and and have a
listen Okay so I’m just gonna go
straight into the message okay I don’t
want to waste too much time
um I’m just chatting away so anyway I
received this yesterday 26th in November
so I was worshiping the Lord and as I
was worshiping I was really sensing his
presence on me so I began to pray in
tongues and this came as an
interpretation of tongues
um I knew the Lord had was wanting to
speak to me okay
so he says why do you strive do I not
feel Heaven and Earth wait on me
there is glory in my presence there is
healing in my presence
be still and know that I am God
do I not move Heaven and Earth saith the
do you seek to understand me says the
Lord do I not fill Heaven and Earth
would you come and wait upon me
now when God was saying that it it
really was like an invitation you know
because I was realizing how much like we
strive to you know know what God is
saying and we you know we’re constantly
like about you know what is God doing
what is he saying that are there and it
was like the Lord was just kind of
wait on me wait that’s all you need to
do is wait on me because I am the Lord
of everything why would you have to
strive to kind of draw me on you I am
ever present I am omniscient omniscient
uh you know he’s there he’s everywhere
so all we have to do is it’s up to us
we just have to wait on him just wait in
his presence
sorry I didn’t know whether I was just
getting a visitor there it was not me
it’s next door so anyway so
um do I not feel Heaven and Earth
I will shake heaven and earth I will
displace it
for the dwelling of sin upon it
for my spirit will not always contend
with mankind for the spirit of man
strives against me says the Lord to his
own demise
yet I seek to wean him into my truth
so gently as a mother with her child
so gently do I seek to wean him into
he stops up his ears from hearing
he stops up his heart from believing
so that he cannot hear me
yet I am able to enlarge his heart to
know me and satisfy his deepest longing
rivlets of tears fall from my eyes
for the treacherous times you enter into
so I just thought that was like so
lovely the way the Lord was
um revealing how gently he wants to wean
us into his truth just like you know a
baby with the ma with the mother you
know you know
um I just thought that imagery was so so
lovely you know
um so the secrets sorry the sun sets us
me without my glasses the sunsets shall
be changed they will not give off their
red light
the sun shall be darkened and there will
be a Mist in the heavens
they will be choking fumes in the air
there would be fires on the earth many
fires that will pollute the atmosphere
and cause a furnace smoke excuse me that
will block out sunlight
the sunsets shall be changed they will
not give off their glorious light
so I was seeing a fire and I was seeing
it just build up these fumes and that
was just blocking out the sun right
there will be Globe global climate
change seek to know God your creator
Before Time runs out I am your Looking
I see the Earth slowing down as it comes
to the end of its life and I’m sensing
floods and the oceans so you know I I
was seeing a lot of visuals here in the
spirit realm okay sometimes I hear the
Lord speaking to me
and hear him saying and sometimes I have
a sense of what he’s saying but here I
was seeing visuals okay
so the oceans are flooding over the
and claiming more landmass due to sin
and Corruption and I see a lot of
flooding over the land and the ocean
the ocean was claiming much land
and I felt this was to the point that
the maps will be altered because the
ocean had come in over a lot of the
edges of the land and changed the
landscape we changed the cut of the land
all together and it took a lot more land
mass it would began to encroach on the
land okay
um there will be a lot of Devastation
due to the ocean and I see Lakes inland
that will overflow and claim land
through flooding so while we’re seeing
lakes in in
um in the land big lakes and and I and I
had a sense of North America there’s
Great Lakes I know there’s a region
where there’s Great Lakes there but I
was singing seeing these large lakes and
they were also filling up I saw them
filling up and they were claiming land
in Inland okay so it wasn’t just along
the edge of the oceans that the oceans
where the oceans were claiming land
bought in Inland as well where Lakes
where the Lakes were filling up and
getting wider and wider and taking more
land okay
so there will be a lot of Destruction
this will cause a lot of Destruction and
blights will come because of this
um plagues like mosquitoes due to this
encroachment of the ocean and lakes over
the land now
at this point the Lord didn’t show me
why this was happening and he just
showed me it you know as it was you know
um yeah and um so when I was seeing
these plagues it was kind of more down
the middle of the Earth region you know
um I think it’s certain lands were going
to you know have a lot of
um plagues due to this encroachment of
water you know coming in over the land
so the cycles and patterns of land
animals are going to change due to the
rhythm of the Earth
this is going to affect migratory
the rotation of the earth will be off
and the Tilt will be off
so the rhythm of the earth is changing
it’s it it’s becoming more chaotic
the land is allowing this the Lord sorry
is allowing this because of the
corruption and the chaos
so again God didn’t show me how this was
going to happen but I saw I knew the
Lord was showing me clearly clearly the
Lord is showing me this that the tilt of
the Earth the way she sits on her axis
is going to be changed it’s going to be
and it’s going to create
um chaos and it’s going to create a
different rhythm in the earth and we’re
going to see this
through the patterns of migratory
animals that normally roam across the
Earth right certain seasons
they’re going to start getting chaotic
they’re not going to follow their normal
pattern is going to become chaotic
so sin brings chaos everything is being
affected by sin and Corruption I’m
seeing large forests large forests there
will be unusual phenomenon in the
forests and with nature due to the
rotation system of the Earth being
the rotation of the earth will slow down
to the Earth to the Earth’s demise as
the Earth moved towards her end
and so I felt the Lord revealing this to
me that the rotation of the Earth was
going to slow down it’s going to slow
down and actually I I know a song you
know from years ago from when I was a
teenager and the one of the lines it
says as the Earth slows down
um slows down to die and that’s just so
interesting that God is showing me this
that that it’s going to slow down right
it’s astonishing to me that someone as
small as a man can contribute to such
large-scale disaster
sin and Corruption of men will affect
the planet globally we are stewards of
the earth sin is like a fire that burns
hence the forests will burn
so it was just like the Lord was showing
me that
you know sin
um sin is like a fire that consumes you
know because of sin
and like God is a consuming fire and he
consumes sin so in the spiritual realm
that’s what happens sin is consumed you
know corruption is consumed by the by
fire and it’s like that is mirroring on
the Earth
that because of corruption and sin
there’s going to be large-scale fires
um due to this corruption and sin
so the Earth’s Tilt will change in its
rotation the animals have a special
sense in them the Lord shows me they are
sensitive to the Earth’s magnetic fields
and because this will be off kilter
animals the animals migration will
become chaotic
they um these were places like Africa
where animals follow a migratory pattern
so it’ll become chaotic the animals will
become chaotic their patterns you know
I also saw Darkness spreading further
down from the North Pole to other
so because of this what’s happened gonna
happen with the Earth
I saw that the darkness that’s in the
North Pole that stays there 24 7 is
going to come down
and affect those Northern countries in
that hemisphere the Northern Hemisphere
and that darkness is going to come over
those countries and they’re going to
experience long
um periods of Darkness as well also
because of this change in the Earth
right so that’s going to be a sign you
know of what’s gone on you know so it
will come down and cover a larger space
more area mass will be affected by
prolonged Darkness this is because the
tilt of the Earth has changed
sin causes con sin causes consuming
fires in the spirit realm and so it will
be reflected in the earth large fires
and smoke that blocks out the sun do I
not fill heaven on Earth saith the Lord
um that’s what I believe is coming sorry
my lighting is kind of dimming as we
um so yeah so that’s just the word I
receive very interesting word and from
the Holy Spirit and that the Lord was
showing me I don’t know what’s going to
cause this it could be I don’t know it
could be an asteroid it could be just
the Lord shaking Heaven and Earth he
says it in his word that he’s going to
shake heaven and earth so maybe and I I
think physically he’s gonna actually
Shake Earth you know I’ve seen it in
another Vision actually
um I think it’s a video called
um the coming Darkness or something like
that I have it in one of my videos maybe
I’ll make reference to it so thank you
folks for joining me and I will see you
all very soon God bless you and keep you
amen amen

Photos courtesy Depositphotos 


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