I will DESTROY those you bow down to! – Jesus LoverOfMySoul

I will DESTROY those you bow down to!

Jesus LoverOfMySoul

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The Lord gave me a message
He wants me to warn the people

October 18th 2019

When the clock strikes 12:00 my power will be unleashed this world will be changed at the stroke of midnight all who seek other gods will be left to them I will no longer have pity on the wicked ones their time of recompense has come all will bow down to me and all know that I am the king of kings and Lord of lords if you seek me you will find me soon I won’t be found all of me will be removed and those who serve other gods will not know what has become of me for I will reveal myself only to those who serve me the earth will soon shake the heavens were roar and I will visit each person and make myself known I am an everlasting god I am the only living God and I certainly will not share my throne with another all will bow down to me and serve me the Living God the time for idle destruction is upon you I will destroy those you bow down to come to me all who are weary and need of rest and I will give it to you for your only refuge will be in me and then he said at the same time when you were and then he also
said in my so it was when you were and my father speaks the mountains will bow down nothing unholy will not be moved kings and priests will hide themselves in the caves and the rocks and all will run from the one who stood up from the throne when I rise from my throne the earth will reel to and fro the nations and its inhabitants will be tossed if
you do not believe me the day is quickly approaching the day when all will know that I am God for there will not be a day when I will not recompense I am the Avenger of all things the Lamb who was slain is worthy to be praised



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