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I will bring my fear back into the Earth – Caroline Diadem

The Great Day of His Wrath
Painting by John Martin
The End of the World, commonly known as The Great Day of His Wrath, is an 1851–1853 oil painting on canvas by the English painter John Martin. Leopold Martin, John Martin's son, said that his father found the inspiration for this painting on a night journey through the Black Country.- Wikipedia

I will bring my fear back into the Earth

March 24, 2021
Caroline Diadem

Auto Generated Transcript

hello my dearly beloved
brothers and sisters um
good to be back on here again to to
minister to you
and the words that god has given to me
so um this is a word that the lord has
given to me on the 21st of march 2021
so i was reading through um
isaiah chapter 30 34 and 35
and when the lord just inspired this
word okay
so and have a read of those two because
they’re you know very tied up with this
and so i’ll just go ahead with this word
so the land will rest
just like in these lockdowns animals
will return to their abodes and rest
the people are gone the city of lantis
arrests under the sea and again it will
god will bury cities onto the oceans
with natural events
that he did in the past when man’s
wickedness gets so much
god acts he will send natural events
to wipe out the people god will use
events tsunamis tornadoes hurricanes
unusual happenings where nature destroys
it is the earth purging from sin and
rising up against ungodliness
and injustice of all kind for all kinds
of wickedness
the earth cannot hold up under such
you’ve seen nothing yet the earth will
rise up with great
catastrophes because of the corruption
she will expose what is beneath
and what has been hidden the secrets of
the dead
lie underground sin and blood innocent
the earth cannot bear it it will
eventually react and turn
against those on the land now i’ve had
other words very
similar to this as well i think i have
one scripture about
and the bowels of the earth shall be
broken up something like that
is very similar in its content they
insufferable to the lord god did not
make humans to behave like
vultures yet they do
feasting on innocent blood how shall i
judge a wicked generation such as this
i surely will i will surely take out the
rod of my
chastening my discipline will come down
on her
with my fierce blow for her corruption
i am inflamed at her sin and it shall
not go unpunished
her sinning is as filthiness and vomit
and has not only increased but exploded
in front of my face to provoke me to
great wrath
where is her repentance they are unable
to repent
because there is no more fear of me in
the land
their hearts have become cast iron
so my rod will come down violently on
her back
she has sown the wind and so she will
reap the whirlwind
but my people will walk in quiet resting
whoever makes their abode with me i will
shelter them
from my consuming rage they shall dwell
in quiet resting places
and i will make a difference to those
who know me and my ways and who love me
there will be a difference between those
who trust in my protection
and those who despise my instruction
you will see the difference even among
the nations
of those who seek me and those who
despise me
and who have done so for generations
though i have given them much time to
they have simply fossilized into their
rather than repent and take hold of me
rather than take hold of my love
which i make freely available to all
i am jehovah the mighty god that breaks
the rock in pieces
i am that i am i changeth not
i am a great and mighty god in the earth
and this you will now come to know
for i will destroy foundations of old
i will uproot and tear down
i will bring my fear back into the earth
that the people will reverence me and
give me the glory that is
due to me alone faults
i bring faults that compare to your
against me mighty fault and tears in the
in my mighty anger and wrath
i see that city made of stone
with its narrow corridors and i became
aware that the city’s name is
petra that’s what i was seeing the city
of petra i think god will strike it and
cause a flood also
there will be no hiding in the day i
bring my
fierce wrath like sodom and gomorrah
there was no place to hide when my
blazing red fire
poured down from the skies and i was
seeing like um
a laser beam of light and fire that hit
the cities of sodom and gomorrah that’s
what i was seeing as a
as i received this there was no hiding
everyone was consumed no one escaped
no one was able to run away or turned
not even lot’s wife could escape my fury
how do people think they will escape my
fury for their sins and wickedness
it is greater and more vast in size and
to that of sodom and gomorrah but i
fill heaven and earth nothing escapes
my attention the one who sins
shall die so that is the message just as
it is
you know as i said before i never change
anything that the lord gives me
i just want to encourage you with one
scripture from
isaiah 35 is one of the chapters i was i
gave there
and it says here strengthen you the
weak hands and confirm the feeble knees
so you know it’s just encouraging to
strengthen yourself in the lord
strengthen yourself spiritually
say to them that are of a fearful heart
be strong fear not behold your god will
come with
vengeance even god with a recompense
he will come and save you and you know
how do
nations think they’re going to prosper
if there’s
control starting to control us and not
allow us out of our houses and
not allow us to live and not allow us to
meet in church and not allow us to pray
and not allow us to worship
our god almighty the awesome creator
of heaven and earth i mean how
do people not think that the lord is
going to bring
judgments at this time it’s enough that
we’re committing abominations and have
changed our laws
to accommodate these abominations to god
um in fact what i realized it was a very
devious strategy of satan
and what he did because all he did was
he brought
um you know gay marriage the law of gay
and the law of abortion and those two
sins are abominations to god
um and therefore there are abominations
to the christians that agree
and believe and walk closely with god
because we know this so
all satan had to do was that and
basically in doing so he
cleared out all the righteous honorable
christian politicians and the tds and
those who are
you know righteous because how can you
support that agenda
as a believer as a true believer of
christ you cannot support the murder of
babies and you cannot support sodomy
which is an abomination to god and
you know so it’s amazing that that you
know satan strategically use that
to dissolve the christian
influence and the and the christian
leadership in our nations
and the only leadership that we have now
pastors and teachers and those who will
speak out and pro
prophets and you know those who just
have a conviction a godly conviction to
speak out
you know as believers um you know
if we don’t speak out and speak the
truth and speak what god is saying who’s
gonna do it
there’s no one else to do it you know
and so we have to speak
out we have to be bold we have to be um
courageous and i wish
i wish in my own country i’m talking
and uh i know i have a lot of american
and you’re you know a lot of you are
very bold and sp
professing your faith um i wish more
christian irish christians would speak
out against
what is happening we are being overrun
by the beast
system the antichrist system
so yeah so i just want to encourage
people you know
um you know be strong in your faith be
strong in the lord
god is coming with vengeance
he’s coming with vengeance to the earth
and those who are aligned with satan
and his mark and his kingdom and all
that he stands for
will be consumed with him
so christians we need to separate
ourselves from all of that
we need to be completely separate from
that and my conviction at the moment
so strongly is remove all the trash out
of your life
get rid of every distraction remove the
get rid of the you know stop watching
spending loads of time on television
and on rubbish things and just spend
time in the presence of god and seek him
and stan you know spend time you’re
meditating on his word and he’s going to
give you revelation from it
because that’s what he’s going to do
right now he said in the last days
in joel he said in the last days that he
will pour out his spirit
on on all flesh and he said your you
know your young men will dream dreams
and your old men will see visions
and on the handmaid’s maidens of the
lord he’s going to pour out
his spirit so this is this is this is a
prophetic season right
it’s a prophetic season the lord has
spoken this to me
um prophecy
the the prophetic has never moved in
such a manner
and i’m absolutely staggered that in the
you know pastors seem so far removed
from even knowing what
what really is happening a lot of the
time so anyway it’s a prophetic season
so we can hear from the lord listen to
what the holy spirit is saying and seek
because that’s the most important thing
right now because i really truly
have a conviction as well that every
decision that we begin to make
is going to be very important very
very important and as believers we need
to be
in tune to the holy spirit to hear what
are you saying concerning this lord
what do you can saying concerning the
vaccine lord
what are you saying concerning what the
government is doing right now lord
these lockdowns lord is this you or what
where is this coming from
start asking these questions so that the
lord can speak back to you and give you
the information that you need to
armor yourself and to equip yourself
in such a season that we are in
my beloved um
believers and christian brothers and
this is not a time to be playing in the
that’s all i can say fill yourself up
with the oil of the holy spirit you do
not want to be the five virgins that
were empty of their oil
and the world is gonna drain your oil
okay it’s gonna drain your oil the word
of god
your relationship with jesus christ
being filled with the holy ghost
that’s that’s our oil that’s our oil and
our lamps
so my beloved god bless you have a
wonderful day
and i’ll be back on again very soon bye
I will bring my fear back into the Earth.

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