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I will bring my fear back into the Earth – Caroline Diadem

The Great Day of His Wrath
Painting by John Martin
The End of the World, commonly known as The Great Day of His Wrath, is an 1851–1853 oil painting on canvas by the English painter John Martin. Leopold Martin, John Martin's son, said that his father found the inspiration for this painting on a night journey through the Black Country.- Wikipedia

I will bring my fear back into the Earth

March 24, 2021
Caroline Diadem


This is a word that the Lord has given to me on the 21st of march 2021.

I was reading through Isaiah chapter 34 and 35 when the lord just inspired this word. So have a read of those two because they’re very tied up with this.
So I’ll just go ahead with this word:

The land will rest – just like in these lockdowns. Animals will return to their abodes and rest. The people are gone.

The city of Lantis arrests under the sea and again it will happen. God will bury cities under the oceans with natural events that he did in the past.

When man’s wickedness gets so much, God acts. He will send natural events to wipe out the people. God will use different events – tsunamis, tornadoes, hurricanes, landslides – unusual happenings where nature destroys mankind.

It is the earth purging from sin and rising up against ungodliness and injustice for all kinds of wickedness. The earth cannot hold up under such wickedness.
You’ve seen nothing yet. The earth will rise up with great catastrophes because of the corruption. She will expose what is beneath and what has been hidden – the secrets of the dead lie underground: sin and blood, innocent blood. The earth cannot bear it – it will eventually react and turn against those on the land. They become insufferable to the Lord. God did not make humans to behave like vultures, yet they do – feasting on innocent blood. How shall I not judge a wicked generation such as this?

I surely will. I will surely take out the rod of my chastening. My discipline will come down on her with my fierce blow for her corruption. I am inflamed at her sin and it shall not go unpunished. Her sinning is as filthiness and vomit and has not only increased, but exploded in front of my face to provoke me to great wrath.

Where is her repentance? They are unable to repent because there is no more fear of me in the land. Their hearts have become cast iron, so my rod will come down violently on her back. She has sown the wind and so she will reap the whirlwind, but my people will walk in quiet resting places.

Whoever makes their abode with me I will shelter them from my consuming rage. They shall dwell in quiet resting places and I will make a difference to those who know me and my ways and who love me. There will be a difference between those who trust in my protection and those who despise my instruction. You will see the difference even among the nations of those who seek me and those who despise me and who have done so for generations. Though I have given them much time to repent, they have simply fossilized into their sin rather than repent and take hold of me, rather than take hold of my love which I make freely available to all.

I am Jehovah the mighty God that breaks the rock in pieces. I am that I am. I changeth not. I am a great and mighty God in the earth and this you will now come to know, for I will destroy foundations of old; I will uproot and tear down; I will bring my fear back into the earth, that the people will reverence me and give me the glory that is due to me alone. Faults. I bring faults that compare to your faults against me. Mighty faults and tears in the rocks in my mighty anger and wrath. I see that city made of stone, with its narrow corridors. (And I became aware that the city’s name is Petra. That’s what I was seeing – the city of Petra. I think God will strike it and cause a flood also.) There will be no hiding in the day I bring my fierce wrath – like Sodom and Gomorrah. There was no place to hide when my blazing red fire poured down from the skies. (And I was seeing like a laser beam of light and fire that hit the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah – that’s what I was seeing as I received this) There was no hiding – everyone was consumed. No one escaped; no one was able to run away or turned away; not even lot’s wife could escape my fury.

How do people think they will escape my fury for their sins and wickedness? It is greater and more vast in size and dimension to that of Sodom and Gomorrah. But I fill heaven and earth. Nothing escapes my attention. The one who sins shall die.

(So that is the message just as it is.)


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