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I WAS – The Father / TELL THEM – Yeshua

April 5, 2020 5:37 PM

Message given 4.2.20

Daughter what do you see when you look around you? Fear primarily, indignation at the freedoms which are removed day by day. Where am I in all of this I ask you?

I said when I would bring forth My judgments the world would take notice. In truth many have awakened but many still sleep – in denial of what is going on around them. But the world is truly awakening not only to the evil that permeates your world and the death and devastation therein but to the idea that something is not quite right with the world.

I have slowly removed My divine hand of protection upon this earth in order that they may come to know who I AM IS. I have been in existence since before time. I WAS – but the world knew Me not. I sent My son Yeshua to die for the sins and the evil in the world, but they knew Him not as well. It appears My judgments have awakened this world to the degree that the normalcy of their lives has been challenged and many are starting to look up to inquire of Me – as yet many do not know Me.

But with each passing judgment they will come to know I AM and My son Yeshua. I ask you to pray children that in these last days the lost souls turn and repent of their sinful lives and call upon Me for mercy. I have waited and waited for the world to turn but many cannot hear me for the seducing call of the world and all the enemy has brought forth to distract them further. But there will come a day when all distractions will be removed from the face of the earth. For now this is but a taste of what is to come.

Tell all in your inner circle that I am coming! I will return to enact vengeance upon the earth for the lives of the innocents and the shed blood of those martyred. Tell them I return as a King of War, not as the Prince of Peace as many have heard of Me. Tell them that they must turn to Me now while the light still is upon the earth. Tell them My children for many do not know I am returning soon to reclaim what is Mine and to bring the lost sheep into the fold. Tell them that time as you know is against them – and to use whatever little time they have left to consider Me, Yeshua – who alone can save. Tell them My children – that even with their last breath drawn – to call upon Me and in My mercy I will hear them. But you must hurry children for the hour of judgment is upon you.

You see it already and it comes swiftly now to overtake you. But fear not My children for I will be with you always! But you must spend your precious time with Me even now as the quarantine is still in effect to draw closer to Me as you can. I will strengthen and sustain. I will empower you with the power of My Holy Spirit the Ruach HaKodesh. I will raise you up My church to be a light unto the world. Hear My voice! Keep MY Word close to you. Do not let anyone take that from you for it is life to the despairing and when wielded properly will be your weapon to smite the enemy with. Go now children and prepare for My return for I come soon. But you will have to undergo much tribulation in order to be purified by the fire of the trials that come before you.

Look to Me in the clouds of glory! I come soon My loves!

Your Savior Redeemer and Lord

Yeshua Hamashiach He who Saves!



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