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i was shown the second wave of covid 19 – Vin Strang

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i was shown the second wave of covid 19

June 19, 2020 11:36 AM
Vin Strang

Hi folks may almighty God bless you and your families during these turbulent times. Had a vivid dream last night in which i believe i was shown the second wave of this covid 19.

The scene was horrific. People were bleeding from their eyes and ears and dying very quickly. It reminded me of ebola that struck a few years back. Everything was shutdown and food distribution was interrupted everywhere. Trump was still president in the dream. There was no vaccines yet either. No time or date but it felt near.

As these days are foretold in revelation its vitally important to get our houses in order with God and to forgive and be merciful towards others. As scripture says we are not promised a tomorrow.

Proverbs 27:1 – Boast not thyself of to morrow; for thou knowest not what a day may bring forth.

Below is a [possible] reason for Ebola pandemic

Ebola in the Sky? – Michael Stephens

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  1. Tracee Smith

    I wanted to comment because months ago I read a letter than only made it on utube for a few short days . A man in huwan china wrote I dont think they are alive now.he went on describing in heavy detail what u are talking about the blood from all 5 ears eyes mouth nose ..psycotic episodes as well very horrible ppl were jumping from buildings..then the bleeding
    ..this is what happened there not covid …
    Have mercy on us dear Lord ….They didnt want to release it to the world he said someone bribed a worker ..the letter writer son ended with it he was 2 …I cried for them it was very horrific how he wrote …

  2. Please if anyone is in Canada I would love to hear from you.. I am a lone and have a husband that is abuse, please saints I need prayer and for my daughter to come to Jesus also.. God please send your children near to me so we can pray together and help together and have strength in numbers as we praise and worship you. I am in Saint Catharines Ontario Canada.. Please if anyone is near or far or even other Countries.. please talk to me through my email I give all of you. I also believe God has a word for me .. what to do where to go or where to stay and what and how to serve him .. What will happen lord what do l do as you daughter .. sassycat00@hotmail.com

  3. Manche bekommen weiße Flecken am ganzen Körper die dann zu Blasen werden und sie sterben an einem Tag. Andere bekommen rote Flecken, aus denen sie dann bluten und sie sterben am gleichen Tag. Diejenigen, die die weißen Flecken bekommen, sind diejenigen, die Kinder mißbraucht haben. Diejenigen, die die roten Flecken bekommen sind diejenigen, die Kinder getötet oder sogar gegessen haben.

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