I Was Not Ready for The Sudden Event, “You must get out of the city!” – Reenie Miles

Reenie Miles

I Was Not Ready for The Sudden Event
NOVEMBER 27, 2016

In the late morning hours yesterday, November 26 2016, I was given a dream revealing a coming sudden event.
I do not dream often, and when I do, I usually don’t remember them, but in the last three years, I have had several prophetic dreams of trouble coming to the US. These dreams have left me with feelings of deep sorrow, anguish, despair, and confusion that people will experience once the chaos commences.
As a result of these dreams, I have been led to personally prepare my mind, by the daily renewing of my spirit, through deliberate and persistent communion with the Most High, really pressing in and learning how to abide under His shadow.
Two years ago, the Holy Spirit spoke to my husband and I both (at separate times) and had us move out of the city to a whole new state and a very rural community. We have had to totally rely on Our Heavenly Father every step of the way. It has been awe inspiring to watch God work in our lives in the most miraculous ways.


In this dream, I was working in a very large corporation with many large, tall buildings with glassed-in bridges connecting the buildings. I don’t really work at a large corporation and I don’t know the people I saw in this dream. As I was working, the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said, “It’s time to leave.”
I asked, “Do you mean leave the building or leave the city?”
He said, “You must get out of the city!”
I knew I had about an hour. I also knew I had previously discussed leaving with my co-workers, including conversations about where we would go, etc. After I received this word, I told my friends it was time to go. Some of them who had been warned to leave refused to go, but five of them reluctantly agreed to leave with me, including guys and girls.
One of them was a registered nurse and the recognized leader of our group. She had a company van with considerable cargo space that we were going to use for our journey. She immediately went off to gather all the medical supplies she could get her hands on while other members of our group dispersed to gather other necessities for our journey, mostly food, water, and equipment that would keep us warm, and gas for the vehicle.

We parked the van in an alley, away from the main building, so we would not draw undue attention to ourselves as we prepared to leave. On my last trip back to the van, I was carrying some very heavy items in my arms. I was aware that more than an hour had already passed, so I felt the need to hurry, but I could not go any faster because of my heavy load. Suddenly, I floated up above the ground. I realized I could control the direction, height, and speed of my floating with my mind. In this manner, I made it back to the van in record time. When I got close to the van I touched down and walked over without anyone noticing. Then I impressed upon the group that we were past our one-hour deadline, so we needed to get going. I hustled to get the last items into the van.
One of the ladies in our group was bringing her young son with us. He came running over to the van and insisted on showing his mom something on his phone. Immediately, I knew he had a video of me doing the floating thing. I ignored him because I was hustling.
I noticed the wheeled stretcher that I had placed near the van had not been loaded and I was concerned that we now had to leave it behind because the van was already stuffed to capacity. I had intended for it to go in first. I thought my friend, the registered nurse, would see its’ value and make sure it got loaded, so I asked her about it as she walked over. She said not to worry about it, that we would work around it. I noticed her tone and manner toward me had changed, she was being nicer.
A few of the others came up to us, but they were also treating me differently since seeing the video, like I had a new level of authority. They were directing their questions to me now instead of the nurse. They asked me if I felt like we had everything and what else could they do to get us out of there. They were now moving with the same urgency as I was, as if they were fully on board.
One of the guys travelling with us had the little boys’ phone and was motioning for me to come over so he could show me something. I waved him off and said, “We’re out of time, we have to go now!”
He spread his arms open palms up as if to say, “What do you want me to do?”
I said, “Just delete it. We have to go.”
I saw him working with the phone when the little boy rushed over and grabbed it. When he realized his video had been deleted, he was enraged because he said it was going to make him rich when it went viral. He then got into a shouting match with his mom and said some very mean, nasty, and disrespectful things to her. He decided he was not going with us, but would stay with his Dad.
At this point, we finally piled into the van and left. As we left, everything around us still looked normal and there was no reason to believe anything chaotic was getting ready to happen. I was not ready for the event although the Holy Spirit had warned me it was coming. For example, it was winter, but I was only wearing a long-sleeved T-shirt and above the knees cargo shorts.
As we were leaving the downtown area, we noticed roads that had been open earlier in the day were now closed for construction, so we had to take multiple detours.
We stopped at the police station to meet with a contact to pick up weapons and ammunition. Our driver dropped some of us off at a back door then drove around front to wait for us. As we were going through the back door, a woman was coming out, followed by a man. I noticed she was dressed in dark jeans and a dark gray polo shirt, untucked. I could see the outline of a hand gun in the waist of her jeans, at the small of her back. I thought, “She is armed illegally for a police officer”. I immediately knew she was part of a covert government operation.
The man was dressed in the typical navy blue police uniform, but with multiple insignias, showing high rank and tenure. He was relatively young, tall, and quite fit. I knew he was the police chief.
I overheard their conversation. The woman said, “It looks like everything is starting; the unrest will spread.” She did not say, “According to plan,” but I knew a plan was inferred.
The man replied, “Yes, looks like it’s time to shut everything down.
This confirmed to me that I had correctly heard from the Holy Spirit to leave the city, and that part of what was coming was a planned event orchestrated to incite chaos.
Meanwhile, the others who came with me were not paying attention to the conversation between this man and woman. They were distracted, busy trying to convince the guy who had deleted the video to continue with the rest of us as we entered the police station, but he did not want to because he was concerned he would be recognized and arrested. When they realized they could not convince him, my friend, the nurse, gave him the following instructions. “Walk quickly to the corner of Bradley and Trinity. Angel is driving and he will pick you up.”
We entered the police station and made our way through. We picked up our weapons and exited the door to the outside. On the left of the exit area was a large drainage ditch. In the ditch were what appeared to be two homeless men. They had short brooms in their hands and they were pushing a large pile of trash between them. When they saw us, they asked, “Anything for the poor?”
One of the people in our group went over and gave one of them some money. As he accepted it he said, “Good for you, you’re getting out.”
I paused my step and thought, “Now how would he know that?” The weapons we had picked up were concealed, so there was nothing to reveal our mission to him. I looked back at him and he looked me straight in the eye and gave me a firm nod as if to say, “I see you for who you are in the Spirit”.
I immediately recognized him as an angel and returned the nod. Then I woke up.
I was not ready for the event although the Holy Spirit had warned me it was coming. I believe this confirms what the Holy Spirit has told me repeatedly, that we cannot be ready for what is coming because the troubles to come will be an exercise in total reliance on and obedience to God.
We must do what God leads us to do in this current time of reprieve, whether it’s storing food and other supplies, learning special skills, moving to a new location, etc. HE will do the rest. Even though I had a full throve of survival food and supplies at home, as well as a bug out plan for me and my family, when it was time to act, I was not near my stash of stuff and I was not with my family. I had to rely completely on God for my safety and supply.
Regarding the floating phenomena, at first I regarded it as literal, but my husband helped me to see that the Holy Spirit will cause those around us to recognize our spiritual authority at critical times during the coming troubles when we are being used of God to accomplish His plan.
I believe the young boy talking disrespectfully to his mother was a foreshadowing of how families will have disagreements leading up to the time of trouble and how the enemy will use offenses to separate and divide the family of God at the most critical times.
I believe the road detours we encountered as we were leaving the downtown area indicated how the enemy will put multiple obstacles in our way to keep us from following the Holy Spirit’s instructions on how and when to act. We must see those obstacles for what they are and keep going.
Stopping to get weapons and ammo was largely symbolic of putting on the full amour of God as we journeyed into battle. We were going to have to fight to get where we were going. The homeless man represented an angel of the Lord. He recognized us as warriors going into spiritual battle because we had our armor on. The weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds. (2 Corinthians 10:4).
The encounter with the homeless man was also a reminder that as we hurry and bustle about our Fathers business, we must be careful not to miss the ones God wants us to minister to. We might encounter angels unaware.
Regarding the guy in our group who was told to go to the corner of Bradley and Trinity, I believe the Holy Spirit was confirming that if we follow His instructions and meet in the Holy of Holies at appointed times, if we go to where the Trinity abides, the angels will be commanded to assist us.
I am sure I have not yet uncovered all that the Holy Spirit wants to communicate in this dream and I will remain prayerful to hear what else I need to glean from its’ meaning. Feel free to chime in if God reveals something to you that I have not yet understood. One thing is clear; trouble is coming and there is not much time left.

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