Sep 28, 2019, 9:12 PM
Collins Ouma

Hello dear fellow saints of the Most High,i awoken up today 30th Sep and here is what the Holy Spirit personally wanted to tell us

Hello My dear son,tell My people that I want fellowship with each of them deep and intimate fellowship.Without Me,the Holy Spirit they cannot will this war of their soul.without Me they cannot worship the Father in truth and in spirit. I am the one who puts in them the hunger, zeal and desire for the Father and the Son.

Tell them I desire so much to talk to them personally about their life,their callings and about the plans of the Father over their life and family. I want to let each one of them know what the Father and the Son plans for their life and the world is
I do not want them to be in the dark about these things coming upon the world.i want to tell them everything to each of little saddens Me when I see them struggle on their own,depending on their theology, knowledge and experiences.You will never understand the things of the Father with carnal knowledge. Only I make known the Father’s truth to you.Humble yourself before Me my little one.Let them come to Me as empty vessels ready to be filled.Let them come to Me as little children ready to learn and I will take what is in the Father and put in them.

I desire so much to talk to them as they walk in the streets, in their jobs and homes ,as they are in their gardens and even as they are with their family.To share to them how much they are loved of by the Father and by their Lord,Jesus Christ.

I am gentle and I do not force Myself upon a person. I only manifest and fellowship where I am invited.Only where I am honoured and adored and welcomed.I respond to faith. Tell them son to invite Me in their worship, praise and study of tgs word. Without Me they will only be serving the Father in their flesh which the Father hates.THEY NEED ME .THEY NEED MY ANNOINTING,THEY NEED MY POWER.DONT YOU KNOW WHEN YOU HAVE ME YOU HAVE NO NEED OF A TEACHER??I AM AND IN ALL.

Many need to quiten down and let off their busy schedules,keep themselves pure and holy and quit ever to be in a hurry in My presence. Culminate a relationship with Me and I will show Myself uniquely to each one of them in a way they have never known.I am their only safeguard in this dark and las final for them not to stumble into deception and into snares of the enemy they need Me.I am their security and insurance.. Turn to Me now and I will speak to you and dirext your paths. I love you all AND I WILL BS EAGERLY WAITING FOR YOUR INVITATION.

N/B:Hello saints the Holy Spirit can talk,laugh,joke,rebuke,warn,share in a VERY AUDIBLE AND KNOWN VOICE TO YOU AND ME.SO DONT BE AFRAID. COME ONBOARD AND LET US ENJOY HIS FELLOWSHIP.

Be Collins Ouma,


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