I Wait for Judgement: Life’s Bumps, Turnstiles, Curves, Dead Ends and Roadblocks – LynL

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I Wait for Judgement:

Life’s Bumps, Turnstiles, Curves, Dead Ends and Roadblocks

July 4, 2024 9:38 AM

07/01/24 & 06/30/24 (received in reverse order)


I was manufactured to be like you Lord. I was built and assembled by the breath of God. I was compiled to heavenly specifications, making it possible to reach my goal. I was given chances to excel with every breath I took. There was nothing that I could not do within this container I was encapsulated in. I spent a lifetime shining, polishing, and rubbing out all imperfections. I now wait to see if I am worthy of the Son. I put on some final touches and shed those not befitting of your Kingdom. I wait for judgement; I wait for you to weigh my heart. Am I as far along as I thought? Have I left anything undone that should have been done for the Son? I wait, for it seems like forever for your final decree. Will it be, “Good and Faithful” or “I never knew you?” I wait to see.

I ponder the things I could have done, chances I had that I did not take and those I could have helped. I reflect back on what truly made a difference within the parameters of my lifetime. Now I wait at that gate, to hear from the ultimate source. It seems like another lifetime passes while I wait to meet my maker. I finally make it to my designated review. I look up and smile, for I know his thoughts. I now know the effort I put in was not in vain. For I am marked and sealed with a new Heavenly name. Thank you, Lord, for leading the way. For without you I would have never found my way.

I take a deep breath and rest my soul for now I am (myself) home with I AM.
I reflect back and am so thankful I followed you closely, heard your guidance, read your book, came to visit you during my day and followed your character along the way. Home is everything I thought it would be, but better.

06/30/24 (This writing was given the day before the previous one, but I knew belonged at the end of 07/01/24 message)

Thank you for leading me (us) to the right destination. The one that leads to peace, tranquility, love, abundance and much more. This destination is without strife, without turmoil, without loneliness. It is abundant with curiosities that keep the mind occupied, song and music that fill your heart, visual displays of colors never seen before. Its rivers of flowing water refresh your soul. Joy abounds. Time is not a factor, for it is endless. All life (including plants) regenerates to its original purpose and form. Thought brings you to where you wish to go. Thank you for showing me the way, for I might have missed the turn off or might have missed your directions (rules) along the way.
Each facet that brings me closer to you, that helps me find the way, I appreciate. This has been a journey, like no other. With bumps, turnstiles, curves, dead ends, and roadblocks. I navigate to the ultimate prize, your loving arms and tender smile. No longer am I bound, with what has held me down. I awake to the new person in Christ, I was meant to be. I breath in your essence, as we become one. I have now truly become, one of your sons (and daughters).


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