I urge you to abide in Me – Idalia C. Flores

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I urge you to abide in Me

December 19, 2021
Idalia C. Flores

Do not be afraid of suffering, once again I tell you, do not be afraid of suffering, for I am at your side. See that I remind you that suffering is coming, great suffering, as there has never been, but remember that you need to pass this test, where you will confirm your love for Me, if you are going to remain with Me, or you are going to abandon Me, because in the trials that are to come many will abandon Me. Many who now invoke Me will turn their backs on Me for wanting to save their lives, but My Word says that he who loses his life for My sake will gain it, says the Lord.

Behold, I exhort you to abide in Me, for though many abandon you and leave you alone, I will not leave you, I will always be by your side to strengthen you and lead you in victory, for trial of fire will pass, so that you may learn obedience to Me, and faithfulness to Me, I urge you to remain, I urge you to abide that you may have a part of Me, says the Lord.

Do not bet on your heart, do not turn away from Me, for I do not distance myself from you. You have free will, but I called you to remain in Me, strive to remain a little time, because I will not abandon you, I will not leave you, but at your side I will be, in suffering, in pain, I will console you, because I am your strong hand, your hand, your hand With Me, I want to hold you to Me, abide in Me, says the Lord.

Believe My Words, believe My Truths, and hold on to them, so that you can survive in bad times, I urge you to abide in Me, and in My Love. Did I abandon My Son when He was suffering? I was aware of Him, because My Purposes had to be fulfilled. Here is a call with each one of you, which I want to carry out to the end, abide by in Me, and in My Love, that I will take care of you, I take care of you, says the Lord.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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