I Shall Raise up an Army Equipped by Me that shall Soon Walk Upon this Earth – Patti Husson

Patti Huson
August 11th 9:10 PM

Tell them, tell them, for the land that they now see, Shall be no more. Tell them, tell them, that it shall be as a barren land, which shall bear no seed. Tell them, tell them, for their crops will be no more, for all things shall be burned to the ground. My power and my glory comes to those l have chosen for my glory alone. They shall behold all these things, the miraculous
things, the things unknown to man, the things that shall come from my Kingdom alone and I alone shall get all the glory, for l AM their supply, I AM there need, I AM their provider. The season is upon man, the season of which has been spoken the season and things that have been declared
from the mouths of my people, my chosen, my beloved, for they are hidden in me, unknown and unseen to this world, for they are my treasures and I have planted and placed these in the earth. Soon my glory shall appear, my glory shall fall upon them, for they are the lights that will draw all men unto me in the night and in the darkness.. The season shall now come, the time and season of man’s kingdom shall all now fall. My Kingdom shall come. l shall rise up from the ashes and all shall behold me, and my name alone shall be praised and l alone will receive all glory unto me, for these things I the Lord God alone have spoken unto them who know me, who know my
name and follow their Shepherd. Cry out, cry out, cry out for a nation, for those in a kingdom that is not of mine shall soon be fallen, their works shall all be burned, destroyed by my hand alone. I have done all these things, my hand alone shall bring all things to not, for have I not spoken and have I not said that your life is but a vapor? So now all man shall see, they have no control over these things. Who is man that he has control over his very own heart beat? Who is man that thinks he has control over his next breath, l alone control all these things and I shall destroy them. I shall raise up an army, an army that has been equipped by me that shall soon walk upon this earth, their footsteps have been planted. ln a desolation | shall send them, these alone shall draw all men unto me, for their message is mine, a message of truth. Woe onto man, who can bear the things that are soon to come upon them, destruction destruction, destruction I say unto those again, woe unto man who has
been disobedient and rebellious, for I AM God alone, IAM he, IAM the first and I AM the last, for is it not written that every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that I alone am Lord,

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