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I Saw Two Planets Collisions – GELZEL L

I Saw Two Planets Collisions🤯🥺

May 6, 2020

Auto Generated Transcript

I remember waking up out of my bed I don’t
know some someone was in my room I think
it was to two people I’m not sure who
they were I don’t recognize them in the
dream I did recognize them and I was
talking to them and I was telling them
that um there’s about to be two planets
you know about the color collapse like
break apart with each other I don’t know
something like that I I think those were
the words always using on the dream that
two planets was gonna collaborate like
just claps with one another and I didn’t
know if the lady I was trying to explain
this to understood what I was saying so
I told her I had a telescope right next
to me by the way and I opened the window
curtain as soon as I went
open the window curtain I said to look
in the telescope but when I looked
outside the window she was walking away
by the way but when I looked outside the
window I noticed that you didn’t need a
telescope to see these planet and what I
saw was Jupiter and Saturn I would have
to say Saturn because Saturn has the
Lorraine the planet with the ring all
around it
I saw Jupiter Saturn on
on top of each other like it was like in
the beginning when I saw it it looked so
amazing like I couldn’t believe that I
was seeing these two planets so so close
like that is as if you know the way you
see the moon it was so visual visual
visual you could just see it how you see
the moon in the sky that’s how close the
planets were you could see it so clear
you didn’t need no telescope I didn’t
even use the telescope my eyes was able
to see it clearly and I told them look
and they were looking with me I was when
I saw it it was just so beautiful I’m
not gonna lie it was it was just the
most amazing sight I’ve ever witnessed
it’s it was as if you were looking at a
fireworks and you were just so ahh and
amazed by what you were seeing and
that’s how I was feeling like wow this
is amazing this is crazy
how close it is and I’ve never seen
another planet besides Earth the Sun and
the moon that up close so it was just
something different and something
amazing I didn’t know what was happening
but as I was looking I noticed that the
Jupiter and Saturn had a collision like
they clap they just crash into each
other yes that’s what happened they
crashed into each other and I saw Saturn
being crushed into Jupiter and it was
just a horrific sight and then there was
another planet and then I looked on my
on my right
it was another planet it was a great I
don’t know why I called it that in my in
the dream I said oh wow another planet
looked like a bug planet a bug it looked
like a bug let me describe it it had a
red and a black it that that that’s the
color it was red and black and it looked
like a ladybug I don’t
I’m just saying what it looked like and
I called it the bug planet and I saw
that my son from some distance I saw the
moon and I saw I saw that both planet
had their own Sun their own separate Sun
and then I did see the moon right there
it was just so crazy when I was seen and
then when all the I noticed the reason
why Jupiter and Saturn somehow they went
outside oh no something happened where
that planet that red planet the red and
black planet that that was what caused
them to go out of their orbits or
somehow they they both came to each
other and started crashing into each
other and that planet was in the way
right there like it was just standing
there right in front of them I didn’t
see it going towards them it was just
standing there and the other two
kindness was crashing into each other
and you you saw it it was like wow like
you can’t believe it but at the same
time after I saw that I saw rocks from
Saturn fall in the rocks that was
crashing into Jupiter from Saturn
whatever it was falling it came it
started to come down and it was coming
down on the earth and that’s when I was
like oh no from it went from oh wow
amazing to being oh no now it’s coming
down on us oh no those rocks are gonna
be falling down on us and I was like no
oh my gosh oh my gosh no it’s coming
down on us what’s gonna happen to us and
and then I quickly woke up from that
dream like quickly as soon as I saw the
rocks falling I woke up most likely the
rocks were
the asteroids so yeah that was the dream
I had last night I really wanted to
share this with you guys earlier this
morning but I got a little busy you know
being a mother and all everything I
wanted to share this dream with you guys
you guys let me know what you think I
think something crazy is about to fall
on us I’m not sure you guys tell me what
you guys think about this dream it was
just so strange
god bless you I pray that the Holy
Spirit will guide you and direct you
even give you a revelation a very clear
revelation on what this means Oh what I
hope it’s not exactly what it’s what it
was showing me but who knows
let’s just see what I’ll let you guys
think god bless you
Shalom may peace be with you all
I Saw Two Planets Collisions🤯🥺


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