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I Saw This AFTER the US Inauguration – Luke Harding


I Saw This AFTER the US Inauguration

January 20, 2021
Luke Harding


Here are two prophetic dreams give to Luke Harding. These prophecies from the Lord go in line with what we have been hearing all this long. These are bigger and wider, eye opening prophecies. Examine the details of each word and fill in what lies in between the events.
As usual, take it to the Lord, see it together with the words of the Lord given in the last few years and with the words of the scripture.
Spatial thanks go to Luke.

First dream
-Trump is pushed out and the spirit of Globalism comes in.

Second dream
-A giant light bulb being switched off over America and simultaneously multiple lights being switched on all over the United States
-A shift of Power, already, from the US to Europe, the rise of the Beast system.

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