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I Saw The Beginning Of The Great Tribulation/ Persecution Of The Saint’s – GELZEL L



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  1. Sister you should write an ebook that can be sent around if you have time. You articulated the dream very well. Everyone needs to know this prophetic dream.

  2. Loveth Nwokeohuru

    I believe this, I know that the mark of the beast is not a microchip, the RFID chip is for monitoring you, where ever you are in other to track you down where ever you run to.
    That is the main work of the chip, off course it how’s with the mark, but it’s not the mark.

    The mark is associated with worship of the true God, not the false Messiah.

    The Muslims, some Jews some Christians (lukewarm) and some Catholics who believe in the false prophet and the beast and they’re setting up a one world religion, these one world religion will lead to the mark of the beast.

    Two days ago, I had a very short dream that the Antichrist will soon be revealed and that the law( the mark of the beast will soon be enacted).

    So I asked God, what should I do?
    Should I leave the city, where should I go? And all that.
    So I was told to go into a season of prayer, study the word, and ask God what he wants me to do.

    During the prayer, God will instruct is and reveal to us what he wants me to do.

    In the dream, I saw the clouds, the cloud was so dark, as if it was about to rain, so I knew that that meant trouble is coming.

    In that dream, there was this urgency in me, that the time was very close.

    We really need to pray, to find out the times we’re living in, and also find out from God what to do, where to go, weather to leave the cities or not.

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