I saw the Beast – Caroline Diadem

I saw the Beast

Nov 1, 2019
Caroline Diadem

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hi I just want to open up in prayer just
before I share my message today okay and
Lord God we just give you this day and
we just praise you and thank you for
your glorious son we just praise you and
thank you for the precious and wonderful
blood of Jesus that cleanses and washes
us today Lord God Lord we just ask you
Lord just didn’t come a fresh this
morning Lloyd wash over us Lord with
your Holy Spirit
wash over us with your anointing Lord
wash over us with your beautiful sweet
presence holy holy are you O God holy
holy are you O Lord we just worship you
we just worship you alone you alone are
God you alone are the Lord that we serve
o God we praise you for the wonderful
Lamb of God you’ve given for the sins of
the world we honor you this day Lord we
worship you we glorify your holy name we
praise you we thank you for your
wonderful grace we thank you for your
wonderful spirit we thank you for your
wonderful precious blood that covers us
this morning lord I praise you baptize
us afresh with your 19 Lord
baptize us afresh we ask you but pour
out an in filling of your spirit in us
today Lord that would be what that will
overflow from each one of our hearts
from each one of our hearts mm-hmm Lord
wherever we’ve been wrestling today let
the battle be ceased in that area Lord
let us be overcomers thank you Lord you
promise Lord to give us a victory and
this is a victory that overcomes the
world even our faith order we’ll hang on
to our faith if nothing else Lord will
hold on to our faith in you we give you
praise and honor and glory in the mighty
precious and wonderful name of Jesus
Christ your son amen hello my friends
and I just felt led to just open up
prayer there before I share and the
words that I got so I I hope you’re all
keeping really well and we got over at
Halloween hope you most of us didn’t
celebrate it this year anyway um I
certainly didn’t so I just want to share
a word and that I received on the 23rd
of October and so I just jump into it
I’ve yeah because I’ve had it as you see
for nearly a week now but so it’s just a
small word and then I want to share a
dream that I had and a message that I
got in this dream and it’s a I think
it’s very significant excuse me I’m
still getting over a cough so I sense
movement on the seas I see ships coming
in on the right and I sent a large
vessel coming in from the left I feel
that the USA is on the left and the the
East is on the right so the eastern
nations on the right from the east it’s
an older type of ship built in about the
1800s I think because I saw it in black
and white so it was coming in black and
white so that’s why I felt it was an old
ship the u.s. vessel is possibly an
aircraft carrier
I saw the long landing strip and I
sensed it’s huge Lent
I’m so sorry about this Trump is being
sabotaged from within and threatened
from without how can this nation of
America possibly win it is a nation
divided against itself USA sabotages
herself what an indictment the USA has
shadows and figures that are putting her
in mortal danger what foolishness
whatever move Trump makes is dangerous
he knows he’s being set up
pray for wisdom for him and I’ve kind of
felt that now for the last month you
know that there’s a strong urge to pray
for for President Trump he is in a
difficult situation this is a chess game
being played out he knows it
and all around he is the target his own
countrymen are against him how can he
win he holds the stretched out elastic
band but when is it when is it gonna
snap and sting his fingers so that was
kind of the imagery I was seeing you
know when you when you have elastic band
and you pull it really really far in
your hands and then it’s you know snaps
back its precarious it’s treacherous
those gangsters are pushing for
illegitimate power so that was the
message I got on the 23rd of October and
mm-hmm and I think it speaks for itself
it’s in line with a lot of other
prophecies as well some of my other old
prophecies and and others other prophets
I just want to go ahead and I’m just
because I’m actually going to work this
morning so I haven’t got loads of time
unfortunately but I just wanted to give
these words to you so on the 26th of
October I got this message when I was in
London it was a dream actually and I
kind of woke up in the middle of the
night about 4:00 a.m. in the morning and
I was dreaming and I was seeing things
in my dreams you know so and this is the
message got basically it’s about the
mark of the beast you know so anyway I
typed it into my phone in the middle of
the early more hours of the morning so
I’ll explain it as I go so predictive
programming dangerous dangerous
I see mass computerization a literal
beast of a computer it is a mass
intelligence dot structure it is it is
chaotic in form so basically I was
seeing this huge it’s actually a huge
it’s not luck doesn’t look like a
computer it looks like the inside
working of a machine that’s what it
looks like but it’s it on a huge scale
that’s what I actually saw I believe I
was seeing the actual beast now what I
was talking about predictive program
basically it was like I felt the Lord
was saying danger danger predictive
programming is going to be really
dangerous because it would predict for
example I give an example and say if the
a I was talking to intelligence in the
u.s. and it said and there’s a 99.9%
that Putin is now going to you know use
a nuclear bomb that would be predictive
programming so you can imagine if you’re
going to respond to that kind of
intelligence it’s very chaotic you know
it’s dangerous like you know excuse me
so it’s chaotic for many don’t know that
this beast exists I saw it a massive web
of high intelligence machine hard to
describe but I saw it it is an
intelligent beast a giant intelligence
mass that could be presented as a super
robot just as Sophie is a high
intelligence machine under cover of a
robot so this is on a huge scale we will
destroy ourselves this is what I felt
the Holy Spirit saying there is no
turning back from AI there is no going
back and that was emphasized to me that
there is no going back AI will be our
predictive programming is an entrapment
it forces you into a dangerous situation
it is an entrapment we deal with an
intelligence exceedingly above our own
it is a sinister agenda by the enemy it
is an entrapment a I will take violence
to a new level
AI will work off fear insecurity and
vulnerability of men to defeat control
and destroy machines have no mercy
AI will destroy us it is the Beast he’ll
destroy Christians first but his plan is
to steal kill and destroy he will keep
destroying that’s why God will intervene
if he does not cut short those days
there would be no flesh
so that is the message that is the dream
and the message that I received from the
Lord is a very strong one and you know I
was like quite amazed by it to be honest
I obviously as Christians we know that
the enemy is going to use AI you know
along with his plans so and we know that
the enemy’s the devil’s plans are to
steal kill and destroy so you know we
know that this beast will be used by the
enemy to you know to unleash all his
evil plans against us you know Satan has
no love for any of us you know and even
people who were involved in that kind of
darkness you know the Satan uses a cover
of lies and deception always in fact
Jesus said he is the father of lies that
there is no truth in him you know Jesus
is the way the truth and the life and
that’s why we must hold to Jesus Christ
we must hold to the truth of God’s Holy
Word the Bible is the inspired Word of
God there is no fault and a flaw in the
Bible I know that there can be in some
of the translations but overall the
Bible the Scriptures the original
scriptures that God gave us
there’s no flaw in them it is God’s
breathed inspired Word by the Holy
Spirit Satan has no truth in him he’s
the father of lies he’s a father of
darkness and if any of you are listening
to this video and you were involved in
any kind of Satanism or a cultic
practice I have been involved in a
cultic practice myself
and I found the truth in Jesus Christ I
encourage you to ask God to go to God
himself and ask him personally and he
will reveal the truth to you because he
is a choose so my friends and that’s the
message and if any of you have any you
know anything to add to that or any
other videos to share that confirmed
this message and you know it would be
good to hear from you so you know I’m
just blessed and I’m just blessed that
the Lord continues to just give us
insight and make us aware I mean I had
this attack on me about you know there
for about couple of weeks where I was
just feeling like it was so much doubt
and I was just feeling Carling you just
be NOTAM over to Matt it kindly settle
down and just be calm and live your life
like other people and don’t be so weird
and don’t be so abnormal and then you
know in the midst of all that then I get
this message from the Lord and I’m like
okay I know what’s going down here I’m
just coming on to spiritual attack you
know it was a subtle attack you know so
my friends we know that we need to stand
be watchful God has called Watchmen on
the walls for such time as this because
of the season were coming into there’s
got to be a change of season drastic
change of season we don’t know when it’s
gonna happen but we know we’re on the
verge of it so that’s why we’re getting
these messages stay blessed my friends I
love you all thank you so much for all
your encouragement in your prayers I
truly need it honestly I do and my
prayers and blessings go out to you over
always as well thank you god bless you
I saw the Beast




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