July 3, 2018

please please please beloved brethren I kindly beg you if I must to do your best and get your heart fully surrendered to JESUS… so that you be counted worthy to make the soon coming glorious rapture of the few remnant undefiled Christians.

Today the morning of 3/7/2018 at around 4am Kenyan time..THE LORD showed me in the visions of the night the global distress that is approaching soon after the rapture..I saw Desolation…global distress and the trouble that will face the foolish virgins church and the worldly humanity that will be left behind when MESSIAH returns soon…I saw chaos of what seemed to be a war of nuclear exchange… I saw as it were nuclear bombs falling and people running only for their lives..mothers forsook their children…husbands forsook their wives… Families separated at once… Every person was only concerned in saving their lives…people were running in multitudes and crying with unheard grief…what I saw is beyond a horror movie…hitherto my heart has not healed from what I saw…!

Are all these details not clearly written in Matthew 24 and Isaiah 24 and Ezekiel 7 and many other scriptures ? That a time is coming when GOD will say enough is enough and pour HIS furious wrath to our modern day end of days generation.

Would anyone seriously think that the modern day breathtaking evil on planet earth will continue for long without a divine check of a fiery judgement ? Do you remember what GOD did to Sodom and Gomorrah and the rebellious Noah generation…? Would any sober person think that perchance, the most holy GOD of Israel is winking or cheering the wickedness on this our radical generation ? Those who so think need to repent !!

He who has an ear let them hear what the Spirit is saying to the church.

Repent and return and get right with GOD…check your tastes,preferences,plans,appetites,motives and even words whether they line up with the perfect will of GOD…check your heart issues with GOD…for when it comes to the rapture of the church… everything revolves around matters of the purity of heart, character and mind…again the rapture calling is very individualistic for remember the story in Matthew 25 goes that the oil could not be shared !!

It is good to be born again but JESUS CHRIST is coming back to rapture and translate into glory only and only those few remnant Christians who will be found without SPOT or WRINKLE in their spiritual garment….says the scriptures in Ephesians 5:27.

The spiritual garment in this case is your heart mind character and how much you have allowed the HOLY SPIRIT to indwells your inner faculties….remember the saying which goes that the best known human efforts to attain spirituality can only make a well learned Pharisee of which many today are…. only GOD THE HOLY SPIRIT can make a saint !!


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