I saw a stunning scene – Merab Olfert

I saw a stunning scene

October 29, 2019 5:13:47 AM
Merab Olfert

Greetings in the name of Yeshua our Messiah.

I woke up from a dream at 2:46 AM on October 26th, 2019.

In the dream I saw that I was going somewhere in a car with some people I knew. Vehicle was packed with people. I was sitting in the 4th row (last row) of this vehicle in the middle.

I don’t know who was driving but I saw that a cousin of mine was sitting in the 3rd row of the car, straight in front of me, in the middle.

Maybe we were going to some family function.

We were in the mountains so the road was narrow, single lane, winding around the sides of the mountain. Finally we came to an extremely wide area on this road. I noticed that we were approaching this wide open area from quite a distance away and in spite of sitting in the last row of a very crowded vehicle I could clearly see the road widening ahead of us. It seemed wide enough to be mistaken as some sort of a parking lot, almost. Extremely wide. You could probably park 50 cars side by side.

Then I saw something strange.

In this widest section of the road I saw a huge pile of cars that were piled up, one on top of the other, forming a sort of a wall of cars. It seemed as if they had all been in an accident for sure.

The car on the top belonged to a rich person. It was a vintage looking light blue convertible car. It’s roof was down.

A blonde woman’s head was resting onto the right door of the car and the windows were rolled down and her hand was dangling out the door. Her hair were well styled as if she was going to some party.

So from a distance when I saw this scene I yelled at the driver of the car. I said – Slow down!!!

The driver slowed down but he didn’t stop the car. He slowed down to the speed of walking and I was hoping he would stop. Instead he just drove the car straight into this pile of accidental cars.

I felt a gentle thud and the car came to a full hault. I waited for about half a minute for someone or anyone to move.

Nobody moved.

My family members (mother and sister) sitting to my right and left looked okay. They looked at me. We wondered if anyone else was going to move at all.

I thought since nobody was going to move so maybe I should tell my cousin sitting in front of me in the third row to move up to the driver’s seat and drive us away from there.

So I tap my cousin on his right shoulder from the 4th row and say – “How about you take the driver’s seat?” He half turned his head towards his right side to see me and then said – “I don’t even know what’s going on.”

Then he turned his head back to the front and moved no more. I saw blood sprayed on his forehead when he half turned towards me to answer to my request.

The scene became still. I wondered what does this blood on his forehead mean and if everybody else in the car was dead and if that’s why no one was moving.

Now there were other cars that were still coming behind us and I saw that they all kept running straight into our car.

I never saw a single person come out of any of these cars, neither from the front nor from behind.

Then suddenly the cars that were piled behind our car in which we were trapped were moved away. My mother and sister and I were perfectly fine and couldn’t understand what was going on. Anyways when I saw that the cars from behind us were moved away, I opened the door and stepped out of the car. My mother and my sister kept sitting inside.

I got out to check what was going on.

To the right side of the pile of cars was a huge mountain standing like a wall.

I lifted up eyes to see how tall it was.

Suddenly a chair from my dining table appeared under my feet.

Now standing on the chair, looking at my eye level, I saw a calendar hanging on the mountain.

It was a small calendar – 12 inch by 12 inch (approximately).

A picture was shown on the top side of the calendar.

On the bottom side the month and dates were shown.

But my eyes were caught up in the picture on the top part of the calendar. So I didn’t pay attention to the month or date on it.

The picture was “eye catching”.

This is what the picture looked like.

A strange looking man – dressed like an East-Indian style warrior from ancient times, wavy hair upto his shoulders, turban on his head, dressed up for war, glowing eyes that looked like flames, his right foot was forward (as of he was striding), his sword was hanging on his waist on the left side and with the right hand he was reaching out to his sword, his eyes looking straight ahead.

The picture was in grey scale – black and white. So I can’t tell you the color details.

His face was very intense looking. He was not a commoner. I would say more like a commander of an army of ancient times.

His face was intense enough that anybody would be intimidated seeing his face.

While looking at this picture, I suddenly turn around towards my right hand side to see what was behind me.

I saw a stunning scene.

First I saw some white horses running on the surface of the waters of an emerald lake that sat right in the middle of the mountains.

I was seeing this view from the road which was high above this emerald lake.

Then I lifted my eyes and looked all around this mountain region and lo and behold I saw stunning beautiful brides all dressed up for the wedding, in white attire, they were all over this mountain region. None were not touching the ground but they were all airborne in the entire mountain zone. Each of their wedding attire was different and yet they were dressed for the same occasion. Oh what a beautiful sight to behold.

I saw they suddenly appeared in the air out of nowhere.

They were many. Many. Many. I couldn’t count how many but they were everywhere.

I saw more brides were being airborne and the horses were running around on the water with happiness as they were liberated creatures moving about with joy. What a joy it was to behold creation being liberated from the curse to which it was subjected to since the fall of mankind.

Next I lifted up both my hands in the air and announced – The LORD has come. The LORD has come. The LORD has come. As I said that a few more times, my heart was so full of joy. I was still standing on that chair announcing the coming of the Lord. I also noticed some rainbow type ripples appeared everywhere in the atmosphere as I was announcing HIS COMING.

Then while still announcing I turned towards the mountain, again, to look at that face on the calendar.

I looked at the warrior commander’s face very carefully.

In my mind I pondered – Is this the face of The Messiah??? He looks so intense.

I kept staring at the calendar and his face.

But I still never looked at the date or the month on the calendar.

Then I woke up. Time was 2:46 am.

The first half of the dream was very tragic.

But the second half was a very joyous sight.


1.Narrow Road – As taught by Yeshua (Jesus). Stay on it.

2.Broad section of the road – As taught by Yeshua (Jesus), please don’t go there because it only ends up in destruction.

3. Chair from my dining table – Represents the place of my eating and communion with my Heavenly Father, eating the entire WORD from Genesis to Revelation. This WORD is my place of “standing” from where I can see what the Lord will show me which cannot be seen otherwise.

4. Calendar – Appointed Time

5. Warrior with the Sword on the calendar – His Day of Vengeance is coming.

Isaiah 63:1‭-‬6 NLT

Who is this who comes from Edom, from the city of Bozrah, with his clothing stained red? Who is this in royal robes, marching in his great strength? “It is I, the Lord , announcing your salvation! It is I, the Lord , who has the power to save!” Why are your clothes so red, as if you have been treading out grapes? “I have been treading the winepress alone; no one was there to help me. In my anger I have trampled my enemies as if they were grapes. In my fury I have trampled my foes. Their blood has stained my clothes. For the time has come for me to avenge my people, to ransom them from their oppressors. I was amazed to see that no one intervened to help the oppressed. So I myself stepped in to save them with my strong arm, and my wrath sustained me. I crushed the nations in my anger and made them stagger and fall to the ground, spilling their blood upon the earth.”

Jeremiah 20:11 declares that our Lord is a fearsome warrior.

“But the LORD is with me like a fearsome warrior. Therefore, my persecutors will stumble and will not prevail.”

Jeremiah 20:12 declares that He is Lord of Heaven’s Armies.

Isaiah 42:13

The LORD will go forth like a warrior, He will arouse His zeal like a man of war He will utter a shout, yes, He will raise a war cry He will prevail against His enemies.


YAHUAH is a man of war: YAHUAH is his name.

6. Sitting in the 4th row of the vehicle –

The number 4 represents a lot biblically. Let’s take a look at it.

a.) God’s calendar and prophetic clock were established on day four of creation.

b.) Fourth letter of Hebrew Alphabet: Dalet. Pictographic meaning door, draw out or in, knock, path, way, portal to heaven, dominion, control, bough, and branch.

c.) Yeshua (Jesus) is the “Word of God” and He is the ONLY Door to the Father. Word of God = Door = Yeshua (Jesus)

7. The blue convertible with its roof rolled down – Represents the possible season.

Sister in Yashua ha’Mashiach,



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