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I love you more than you can understand – DaughteroftheLord

I love you more than you can understand

April 22, 2020 10:35 PM

I received these loving words from the Lord in prayer on 2/14/2020…

“Tell my people that they are the apple of my eye and precious in my sight. My love overflows onto those who receive me with open arms. My gift of salvation is free to all to those who seek me and answer my call. Hesitate no more to be mine forevermore. I know all of the details of your life and nothing that you do could keep me from loving you. For you are everything to me and I long for you to be in fellowship with me and for all the world to see who I have created you to be. The world does not own you, for I paid the price on the cross that day for all of your sins to be washed away. When you come to me and ask me to be Lord of your life I will resonate in your heart and give you a fresh start. I will walk with you, talk with you, and teach you my ways in all of your days.

Nothing is more important in this life than to be counted as one of mine through all of your time. For this time as you know it will pass away with the blink of an eye and then those of mine shall live with me eternally in glory on high. I love you more than you can understand and each of you are kingdom treasures in the palm of my hand. I am here waiting on you to reach out to me, so I can show you all that you are in me. My grace and love is sufficient for all, so do not ignore my heavenly call. On this day that the world celebrates as a day of love know the Great I AM is seeking you as a forever valentine of mine.”


Your Heavenly Father ❤️

Received by: DaughteroftheLord


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