“I Love You” – Daniel Byzewski

By Daniel Byzewski

May 11, 2018

Beloved I watch over you, I look down with a heart of compassion. My heart burns for you. I am watching with ready hands to always embrace you. When you run to me, or fall I will be there. You are my children first, then my vessels. I crave to use you for my glory, however it’s through our intimacy as my children that I watch you grow. I love you, even when you feel like I don’t. I love you, even when you fail to love me. I love you when you don’t feel worthy. I love you more than you can know. I am watching you. Through every step, every thought, every trial and victory. My eyes are on you, behold my heart is yours. I am for you, never against you. Even when you turn aside, I chase after you. I pursue your enemies and bring you back to me. I am the reckless love no one can fulfill, and that no one can live without. Many chose to, but they live dry and unfruitful lives. You are my visionaries, my builders and pioneers. I love each of you, all of your desires are fulfilled when you delight in me and align to my requests. #PapaWatches


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