Feb 15, 2020 12:29 PM
Collins Ouma


Shalom and love brethren. I am fine and strong in the Lord through His grace that works through me. The following are words of comfort and edification I have just received from the Lord here at one of the prayer mountains in Busia Kenya. Early I had felt the Holy Spirit so excited within my spirit while in worship and ask the Lord to share a word for us : His church. Here is Lord Jesus Christ word for us all to give us strength as we wait upon His word in our lives to be fulfilled

Hello Son, here its Me your Saviour and Lord Jesus Christ ministering to you at this hour here at the mountain. You havent chosen Me. I have chosen you for a purpose. Whatever I tell you to speak forth, speak forth in authority and power.Its My Word not yours. Do not seek to justify yourself or the words I release through you. That is not your work. It’s the work of the Holy Ghost and He Himself will move in to confirm and justify My words. I have raised you to speak forth to My Remnants and only them shall understand the words I am releasing through you. Continue to seek Me and remain humble for I love humility, obedience and self sacrifice.

Here tell My Church that I long for them so much. When I look upon their hurts, depression, suffering, pain and afflictions it pains My heart so much and in My intercession I cry so much loudly and in agony before for My Sons and Daughters are losing hope and hold in Me.( i felt tears and agony in my spirit and i literally cried when the Lord said He cries for us be4 the Father.). I long so mucb for you and I love you deeply and I am always with you. Do not look at your situation you are in. I care and I have a plan and thats the reason you still stand and still have faith in Me. Its Me who have kept you and will continue to keep you. Do not think its because you pray so much or meditate so deeply in My word or that you fast alot. No ,I love you and keeps you unconditionally . There are some of My children who cannot open their mouth and pray to Me because of the pain and agony they are undergoing yet I keep them strong and steadfast in Me. There are others who cannot fast because of their health conditions yet I keep them strong. Its My grace which works in all of you to perfect you until that day.

Just hold a little, I am coming for you. Your pain is My pain. Your agony is My agony. Your afflictions are My afflictions. I love you My children. Pray for each other and comfort each other for the seperation between Mine and who is not Mine has begun.It shall be seen and known who are truly Mine from those who are not Mine.

I love you and always praying for you before My Father crying and weeping for you that you may stand strong until the day of your salvation. I love you.

Please remember the people and the land of Turkana in your prayers. I have been commissioned by the Lord to go and pray over that land and evangelize the area. Almost All Turkana people are people who worship ancestors and physical features like sun, moon and stars.Its an arid and dry region and very very few men of God venture into it because of frequent and prolong droughts, famine and hunger.Recently they had suffered badly from the plaque of locusts. Many Turkana people don’t know or have not heard about Christ Jesus.Your prayers are highly welcomed and appreciated.


Heb 12:38, 12:2,3 , 9:24 ,8 :25-28 , 2: 16-18 and John 17: 19-26

Lots of love and prayers
Br Collins Ouma
Busia Kenya


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