I longed for you with outstretched arm – S.S.

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I longed for you with outstretched arm

July 17, 2020 6:46 PM

2 July 2020

Lord says
” Write these things to My disobedient sons. I longed for you with outstretched arm. Return to Me and I will surely receive you. Return to Me, then no longer , I will call you wicked. I will put My Righteousness on you and you will be called My righteous son. I will make him partakers to My inheritance. Amen.”

Scripture References

I longed for you – Luke 15:20

I will surely receive you – Luke 15:22-23

I will no longer will call you wicked – Luke 15:24

Partakers to My inheritance – Col 3:23-24, Acts 20:32

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  1. K Mountain

    That is so very beautiful. When this whole COVID-19 shutdown, lockdown began; I asked the Lord why He was allowing all of this to happen. He gave me a quick flash vision with understanding. He was larger than life and walking towards masses of people but they were running from Him. He was trying to save them but they all ran in fear. Your word captures it perfectly.

    GOD is good all the time!

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