I heard a Shofar – Rebecca Roberts

Rebbeca Roberts

August 24, 2015, 2:00 AM. I was awaken by a sound that I had never heard before. I lay there listening for a spell wondering what this was. I got up and went outside and stood on the porch to hear it better. I live in the country and this night there were no sounds, no cows lowing, no coyotes, no dogs, no frogs singing, nothing. It was silent except for this sound. It came from a great distance and it traveled along the mountain. It was some sort of horn. It was not like anything I had ever heard. It was beautiful. It was just one note that started out low and then went high. I stood listening until it stopped.

When it finished, I could not sleep. Immediately, I wrote the experience down in my journal, all the while, Holy Spirit kept saying, “It is a Shofar”.

I did not know what a Shofar was. Neither had I ever heard one.

After a little research, I learned the meaning of a Shofar and its purpose in being blown. Each sound has a meaning, one sound for a call to worship and another a call to war.

This sound meant, “Wake up sleepy church, wake up”.

A year later, I heard a man called, “The Shofar Man” blow the Shofar. When I heard him blow the Shofar, my hair stood on end. It was the same sound that I had heard that night. Though his sound was beautiful, what I heard was much more beautiful.

I have never had a vision. I guess you could call this a hearing vision.

It has awakened me out of my slumber.

Jesus is coming. We are in the last seconds. Wake up, sleepy church, wake up! The King is coming!

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  1. Gregg W

    Rebecca, I have no idea if you will ever see this. It was good to read your account of the shofar! You are right that when it is blown with a clear, crisp, loud tone it is beautiful and gives you goosebumps.
    Over the years I have learned to blow the shofar at the sighting of the New Moon. When the very first sliver of the moon is seen, it marks the beginning of a new month on YHVH’s calendar. It must be seen in Israel to be “official” but I try to sight it each month where I live. (Just practice for when we get back to the Land.)
    It is even more exciting when a group of believers gather on the Feast of Trumpets to all blow shofars together. The Word says God hears the shofar and remembers…
    By the way, as it happens, tonight as the sun goes down we should be able to see the NewMoon in the sky. Today is February 6, 2019.
    If anyone goes out and sees it, sound a shofar or horn if you have one. God will hear. He remembers. Maybe someone else will hear it for the first time and will be moved to return to YHVH!

  2. WatchmanNine

    I heard the exact same thing 9-17-17 at 4:04am. It lasted about 15-20 minutes (guessing). Four long shofar blasts, followed by one high tempo blast. I was wide awake, hopped up out of bed and put clothes on. I thought it was showtime, at the time. I sounded like it was coming from high up in the heavens and I assumed the entire world could hear it at the same time.

    I couldn’t sleep after (for obvious reasons) and went to the internet, assuming everyone would be talking about it. Turns out, it was just for me at that time but know others have received this also, as well as train horns, large metal door knocks, etc, etc

    The King is coming and soon!



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