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I have called you to REPENT – Barbara Francis

I have called you to REPENT

April 14, 2020
Barbara Francis

I have called you to REPENT, humble yourselves and return to me. You have seen the destruction plague ,death,and food shortages. Yet you cry about your money and possessions that will be NO MORE. .Man worships money. My anger and fury is kindled against you wicked people for the innocents your nation has murdered in the womb.Who cries for them. Daughter SPEAK. A nation that murders its babies will be destroyed .You have murdered an entire generation. I have seen your young people boast that they are proud of their despicable acts and proud they are going to Hell. Children of the devil. Your wickedness knows no bounds. The destruction will continue, my correction will continue. I will not stop until the land is made desolate by the hand of the destroyer. This is just punishment. This is justice. JUDGEMENT’S will continue to fall until every knee bows and confesses, I AM THE LORD, THE HOLY ONE OF ISRAEL.THE GREAT I AM .

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