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I Have A Plan

Sep 19, 2019, 6:25 PM
Cryptic 1

Daughter it is with heavy heart that I say this. The hour is coming. It is here. The destruction of the world and the removal of your everyday lives will begin soon. Look around you and take nothing for granted for it will all change in the blinking of an eye.
No more trips to your favorite coffee shops, no more hanging out at your favorite fast food restaurants. Soon that will all be taken from you. (This pertains to me)

For the hour is here indeed. You must continue to worship and pray to Me as never before. Prayer and fasting in these days, on your knees, prostrate and in submission to My Kingly Authority. FOR I AM LORD OVER ALL. I have created the world in the palm of My hands and am about to drop the ball. Game over. Tribulation is begun.

Many will yearn for the comforts of this life as My people Israel did during the time of My servant Moses. They paid lip service to Me but their hearts were with their captors the Egyptians. So too will this world experience the same dilemma. They will be deprived of their comforts and will not understand why. They will try their best to return to that lifestyle only to realize it is no more.
Continue to worship Me daughter as you did today. You must offer Me everything in your soul and heart. For did I not tell that I was a consuming fire (I was given the word Consuming months ago) and that I desire to consume you My children with My everlasting fire? You were created to be with Me for all eternity but there is one who wishes to destroy what is Mine.

Heed My words. I have given the warnings to prepare your spiritual and physical houses. Woe to those who have not heeded My words for it is too late. The hour is here.

You must abandon all ties to your former lives for from now on your new life will begin. You will live in an era of uncertainty, of chaos and turmoil. Your world will be turned upside down. But I have a plan.
In order to save mankind from the sin of Adam, I allowed my son to subjugate Himself as He stood in as a ransom for the sins of the world. I allowed this as it was the only perfect sacrifice acceptable to a perfect God. FOR I AM HOLY.

As the judgments fall upon the earth one by one in succession, I will empower My children (some, not all) to walk in a mighty way. They will be transformed in an instant and will do mighty exploits. They will heal the sick, the blind, the lame, they will even raise the dead under my mighty power. They will be a light to a world that is devastated beyond reproach and many who see the wonders and miracles will seek My heavenly kingdom.

The enemy has devious plans to destroy My own but I have a plan too. I will raise up mighty warriors who will be fearless and bold even in the face of death. For the many who will be called to die I will give you the strength and the wherewithal to stand firm in those days. O death where is your sting then? These mighty men and women of God will be used to show the world who I AM is. That they would gladly give up their lives in return for what I offer them -a crown of life and everlasting eternity with Me in My heavenly Kingdom.

The days will be shortened as well during this time, otherwise many would not be able to endure the immense suffering to come. For it comes.
The world has mocked Me but will mock Me no longer when they see the great and mighty works my saints will accomplish in this earth. Then all will know who I AM is.

The end of days approaches, it draws near. Know that I am holy and that anyone who desires to enter My kingdom must be holy as well. I seek pure hands and pure hearts. Be like the little ones. Be humble and pure of heart. For no sin can enter into My heavenly abode. Love those around you especially your enemies, for no one knows the day or hour when the Son of Man returns. Be ready My children. For it has begun.
Message received 9.18.19

Scripture References:

1Timothy 1:17. 17 Now unto the King eternal, immortal, invisible, the only wise God, be honour and Glory forever and ever. Amen

Isaiah 8:5, 8:10. 5 The Lord spoke to me again 10 Devise your strategy, but it will be thwarted, propose your plan, but it will not stand, for God is with us.


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