I hate pride so much!!! – A sister in Christ from China

I hate pride so very much!!

April 4, 2020 12:07 PM
A sister in Christ from China
Translated by: Ruth Smith

Received the message in the morning of 3-11-20 at 5:00 am:

My dear children, please walk with humbly! Any kind of pride all can be a great barrier between you and Me. I hate pride so very much, don’t forget, the enemy fell because of the pride, everyone’s pride must lead to his fall, you need to return back to be in Me to see yourselves!

From your physical appearance to your talent, and to everything you have in the world, which of those was not created by My hand? Without Me, there is nothing, you need to be more to realize everything is grace, and be grateful for it, even every sip of water you drink, every breath of air you breathe is what I have created.

Truly to see yourselves have nothing, then you can truly to be humble to come to Me at My feet, pride brings damage to your lives way beyond your imagination, but also, humility brings blessings to you much more than you can image, a humble soul give off beautiful light.

So, whatever you have done on earth, whatever you have, no matter it is wealth, or talent, or the position and gifts for serving me, all must be completely humble, to see that every person is better than yourself.

Wherever you go, to see the best in others. the more you serve in high places, the more humble you should be, a leader must have an attitude to be a true servant, do not seek your own glory, do not seek the praise of people.

When you seek earthly approval and praise, you lose heavenly approval, Whatever you do, give thanks and honor to your Father who will remember you in heaven.

Be true to follow My Son’s footsteps, learn from Him, meek and humble, the more humble you are, the softer you will be inside, a proud life is just like a thorn, accidentally hurt yourselves, often hurt others.

So please make sure to pull out this thorn to let your life to shine the light that humility brings!

Relevant Scriptures:

Psalm 22:26

Psalm 37:11

Proverbs 18:12

Proverbs 22:4

Isaiah 2:12

Original Chinese Version:


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