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I give them over to their devices… – David King

I give them over to their devices…

Dec 11, 2019 6:24 AM
David King


thus says the Lord…
And in the spirit I see, God washing His hands of Babylon the great, mystery no more…”They want what they want, and I’m not it….I give them over to their devices…”

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  1. Thomas Heward

    Good luck on your false prophesy. I am a prophet to America and your timing is way off.

  2. do you see anything strange?

    Thomas Heward? Yes Amos 3:7 is written, yet, why allow someone like you to hold prophecy? Your comment is not Holy, Kind, forgiving, humble, keep going?


  3. Martin S.

    Spot on Brother! Time is very short.

  4. Eyes Oprn

    ??? What did I miss ??? I did not read anything in this brief direct message spoken to our brother about any timing. How can it be off?

  5. Crying in the wilderness

    Many see the signs in the skies and say, “It will rain soon”, yet these same fail to see the very clear signs of the times and seasons all around them. There is a reason that Jesus said that in that Day, He would say to many, “I never knew you.” Awaken, o’ ye sleepers.

    A brother.

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