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I dreamed of The mark of the beast/ (Vaccine) – GELZEL L

I dreamed of The mark of the beast/ (Vaccine)

May 29, 2020


Auto Generated Transcript

hey everyone how is everyone doing I
hope you guys are all doing well and I
know this a lot of stuff are open right
now like I actually went out today and
just said you know what I’m not gonna
stay in the house all day like I’ve been
doing for the past months like I would
say a good almost three months I’ve been
locked away in my home and I was just
ready to get out of the house yeah I did
that so I went out today had a great
dinner with my kids we had we had like
some really good Komachi so they enjoy
that praise to God I was able to go out
and just do something cannot just be all
stuck in the homes like we’ve been for
the past months but that was great that
was good and I can definitely say
everybody who’s out everybody was taking
advantage of the fact that we’re out and
one more thing I wanted to say to
everyone I got interrupted a little
there but like I was saying you guys it
was just a good experience being out
again you really don’t realize that you
have until it’s gone and it was nice
going off a little bit I really enjoy
that you know with my kids and
everything um so I wanted to talk about
this dream I had I had this dream like
last night the reason why I want to talk
about this dreams because this this
dream was crazy I had a dream about a
vaccine shot and I think what triggered
that dream was another dream of another
brother in Christ I was watching and he
had an inch
why he had an interesting dream and
interesting information on his dream so
what I did was I was listening I was
watching and I went into a dream like
right away I went to sleep after all it
was like the last video I watched and I
went to sleep after I was done watching
it and when I went to bed right I
dreamed that I was in this I don’t know
I dream that I ended up in this world
our world that became some kind of world
I would never want to live in in the
dream it was really really dark it was
just dark everywhere the Sun was down
there was no Sun there was no moon there
was nothing it was foggy it was like
icky gooey like it’s just I don’t know I
don’t know what happened the mood the
atmosphere was just so disgusting I’m
just I’m just telling you what I saw in
this dream so I’m looking at all of this
right and I’m like this is just terrible
what happened and then I know this um a
lot of us were running and people were
running because they didn’t want to get
the vaccine shot I didn’t want to get
the vaccine shot so I started I like try
to hide and stuff like that and I was
like what happened what happened and I
was like how did the how did the how did
it get like this III don’t understand
why does it look like this and by me
saying why does it look like this how
did the world’s look get like this how
is it that we all have to get this
vaccine shot when it was just supposed
to be if you want it you can have it but
in the dream there was not there was no
choice you had to get this vaccine shot
and they were hunting people down that
didn’t had the vaccine shot and this was
what was going on either your
you take the vaccine shot I don’t know
okay I’m sorry I’m sorry let me go let
me go from the beginning it started off
where of virus got worse I want to say
the virus on here because you know what
happens when I say the virus they take
my video down so the virus got worse and
must have mutated I don’t know what
happened all I know is this thing was
worse than what it was before
I’m Tama worse it got so bad I don’t
even think it was the same virus it
couldn’t have been the same virus cuz
this virus was so bad it was killing off
everyone and it was a mandatory like
they was like a mandatory thing like how
they’re saying the fertility rate is
only like 1.1 something percent you know
something like that it was like this
thing got to the point where it was like
70 80 90 percent 70 80 % fertility rate
that’s how bad it was it was bad and
everybody and they mama was running to
get that vaccine it was people that was
running away from the vaccine but the
people that were running away from the
vaccine they were you know they were
hiding but the ones that actually went
and got the vaccine they this is what
this is another problem with the vaccine
your doom if you take it and your doom
if you don’t take it so it was basically
you know there was no there was no
outrunning this vaccine there was no
outrunning it and I didn’t know I didn’t
know what was like I didn’t know what to
think about this vaccine so I remember
just running for my life and trying to
try to run from these people from trying
to not make you know get caught or
anything like that and the way the world
was looking it looked like something bad
happened like we went into war like I
don’t know like we had World War 3 or
something cuz buildings was all broke
down I mean
broken I don’t know Vienna awful storm
wait just took out everything I don’t
know I’m just trying to figure out what
how does it look like that and because
of whatever happened there was no Sun
there was no moon there was it was like
something was cloud him out like
blocking out the Sun blocking out the
it was just cloudy very very eerie and
like foggy and I would say it was like
that all day every day cuz it was like
four hours we were running and we were
just trying to hide for days you can
feel like days went by and it was always
like that day and night you didn’t know
when it was nighttime and you didn’t
know when it was daytime so I’m just
trying to let you know how the
atmosphere was and how everything was
that’s why I was saying I don’t know
what happened cuz it was so bad it was
really really bad it was like dark all
the time but I do remember seeing light
but the fog was so thick it was such a
thick fog out there it was so thick that
um you can’t even see through the light
that was at night you know how you got
the light night the night the night
lights and stuff like that in the
streets and stuff like that but like you
couldn’t you barely could see that
so I’m looking like okay what really
happened we’re what really went down
where we can’t even understand what
happened so basically as I was running
trying to you know escape all of this
one thing I can say I’m not home I’m not
gonna stay here lie to you guys
I don’t remember seeing any children
during this time I saw nothing but
adults me personally I saw nothing but
adults because I figure okay if they’re
gonna be chasing us out to get this
vaccine and stuff like that I guess the
kids will be the first one to go because
due to the fact that they got to go back
to school and when when I was running
for my life and stuff like that I
actually got caught yeah I got caught
they call
it was like no one was able to escape
these things you could run you could
hide they found you they found you and
by the way the people that was there too
it was not it was not the police
catching you it was some kind of
military they look like a farm military
I’m just telling what I saw they didn’t
look like they were from here they look
like they were from all over the world
that’s just put it that way they look
like they were from all over the world
and they were just catching everybody
and it was just like I said the move the
mood of the air the atmosphere
everything changed
you didn’t feel safe anymore you felt
very like freaked out like you were
freaking out on everything you were like
the press upset and at the same time
afraid of everything that was coming
against you cuz you know any day any
time they would catch you and yeah they
called me of course they caught me so
when they caught me right when I got
caught and I’m gonna explain something
to you guys sometimes I have dreams
where it’s not me
I’m like using someone else’s body I’m
there I’m experiencing everything they
experience doing everything they’re
doing I’m basically in their body I know
this sounds crazy but that happens to me
a lot a lot and a lot of my dreams I see
myself how do I know this because I
would look at myself in the mirror and I
would see a whole different person and
I’m not gonna sit here and say I don’t
shit uhm shape-shift myself no totally a
whole different new person so sometimes
I think the Lord allows me to go into
somebody else’s body or whatever and I
can just see right through the legs look
into their eyes so in this case I was
running and you know trying to hide and
stuff like that but they caught me they
did caught me and it was crazy a spot it
felt like I was trying to finish up the
brother in Christ dream
as he was saying all these drums and all
this stuff like newly was some
electronic stuff out there looking for
us while we were being catched by these
foreign military troops so they caught
us and we went into this room so when we
went into these room I was strapped both
my hands were strapped on the chair and
there was somebody next to me in this
room in this private small room probably
a room that they were gonna interrogate
us or whatever I don’t know but I was
talking to this guy and the guy was like
first I asked him what happened like
what happened he was saying something
about um this is what he said he was
saying something about Obama was the one
that was doing this he ordered all of
this instead of the vaccine being
something that people choose to take on
their own he made it where it was
mandatory and he made it where he forced
it on the people and people was forced
to take this vaccine they like it or not
they were forced to take the vaccine and
it was just bad and he was explaining
that to me
and I don’t know why I asked that
question and I did I was like you know
are you Christian I mean do you believe
in God and stuff like that but I did not
say he did he was like no but you know
I’m a realistic and I was like then why
were you running from the vaccine he was
like cuz I know and I see what happens
to people when they take this vaccine
that’s what the guy was telling me and I
was like well okay what happens to them
if they take it well if they take it
they they they have a 50% chance of
living and dying it’s like you’re taking
a chance if you’re gonna live or not but
if you don’t take it you’re doomed if
you take it and you’re doomed if you
don’t take it so you’re basically a
zombie if you don’t die from it you
become some kind of zombie and you
you’re no longer in your own body you’re
no longer have any control over your
mind your thoughts your your body are
basically being controlled by something
else that’s what he said I was like
okay and it’s crazy cuz i sat there and
I watched them come in and I watch them
for the vaccine on this poor guy’s arm
and when they gave him the vaccine I
don’t know why but I felt it I felt what
he was feeling it was like I was allowed
to feel what this man was stealing and
what I felt was I felt that this guy
I felt his weakness he became as soon as
they gave him the vaccine he became very
weak as if he was drunk or you know
drugged drugged and he was just you know
I’ve had um I had drugs to go under
anesthesia or whatever before I went
under anesthesia they they gave me drugs
before and I said I know how that
feeling felt and I was very drowsy I
mean I was feeling drowsy whatever this
guy was feeling I was feeling I was
feeling drowsy
I felt like my my body something so I
felt like something was leaving my body
like completely like I was I was going
away somewhere like I was I was leaving
I was going far far away I can’t explain
what I was feeling
it was just felt like I was not I was no
longer in control of my mind I felt weak
I felt I felt I felt like whenever they
told me I was like yes no yes it was
like I was a machine a robot and my
answers were yes no yes no and it was
just weird I’m just saying it was it’s
like they were they brainwash you or
something and you became some kind of
you know soldiers for them like you were
no longer yourself and I’ll say wow now
I see why this guy did not want to you
know now I see why he didn’t want to
take this vaccine now I see why he was
running away from the vaccine even
though he will stop Christians but
people are not naive they know better
they know something bad will come upon
this vaccine so they ran those who were
educated and smart and knew better and
did their research they knew this was a
bad idea this was not something you
would want to put on your flesh so he
explained that he would lose his soul if
he took it like come on if you’re gonna
lose your soul over something that means
you’re you’re dealing with the system of
a mark of the beast I’m just I’m just
being realistic with you guys something
that’s gonna actually make you forget
about who you are what you are the guy
didn’t even know he he he wasn’t even
listening to me anymore he was
completely gone like his mind his mind
was just gone so I felt bad for him and
when they were coming to me when it was
my turn and didn’t even give you a
choice I they just trap you down with
these handcuffs not regular handcuffs it
was like um I’m sorry excuse me they
trap you down in these hand like these
handcuffs and your trap and you’re
sitting on these chairs so I’m like
trying to escape this stuff I’m trying
to run I’m trying to loosen myself and
somehow one minute I’m watching what
this guy’s going through I’m feeling I’m
feeling everything everything he’s
dealing with everything he’s going
through and then all the sudden I’m I’m
free right when it when it was coming to
me I became free and they went after me
I was too running and running and when I
ran one man I’m here and in the next
minute I end up somewhere else it was
like another area where people were all
Christians in that area they were all
happy and there was nothing bad going on
in that area
and it was weird cuz there was some
light there there was full of food and
shelter and people were just enjoying
themselves like you didn’t see any
suffering or pain or anything like that
so there was a different area I was in I
don’t know how I got there I just got
there I don’t know I have no idea how I
got there it’s like the Lord was showing
me to different places
why does vaccine was happening there’s
the bad place where everybody’s
mandatory to take it Plus Obama’s gonna
order it I didn’t see by the way I
didn’t see Trump on the
I don’t feel like he was he was he was
there when this happened and I don’t
know I don’t know what happened to him I
just knew that Obama was doing that was
doing it I have no idea what happened to
him so don’t ask me what happened to him
so after all of that I got to this
wonderful place where there was just
nice it was a bunch of happy Christians
and it looked like a place where they
were all rescued and taken so I don’t
know if they got raptured I don’t know
if I I don’t know I don’t know I just
know wherever they were was a better
place where we where all the people were
suffering and and there was sunlight
there was sunlight there it was
beautiful there was no fog it was not
dark it was beautiful it was just nice
there was fruits vegetables it was just
nice it was beautiful there and people
were going on about their lives they
were still be enjoying themselves and
knew all and I knew they were all
Christians because they were doing like
church gatherings they would praise in
and give him glory and worship to God
and all that stuff and I was like okay I
like it here
it was better here and I woke up from
that dream that was the end of that I
don’t think wow that was a crazy dream
that I had last night but I wanted to
share that with you guys I think the
Lord was trying to reveal what my friend
was seeing was extremely accurate and I
think I’m hearing a lot of people on
YouTube or everywhere else social media
in general making videos and tell them
people be careful about this vaccine
shot that they’re about to put upon the
world and it’s not just here it’s gonna
be the whole world you guys have to be
careful you don’t know what you are
about to inject into your flesh don’t
take it if you’re gonna die just just
let nature take its course just just
just go just go don’t don’t let the
these people put inject you inject
whatever they’re about to inject into
your flesh and by the way I’m gonna
leave my friends video description down
on the bottom and in his dream something
he said that was so important and I I I
didn’t have that in the dream oh by the
way one more thing I forgot I’m so sorry
I almost forgot to say that by the way
everything happened within seven months
from now and didn’t the president said
that the vaccine will be ready in
December guess what December is seven
months from now so yeah it could be
seven months it could be seven years who
knows probably than seven years of the
tribulation I don’t know I’m just
letting you guys know that was part of
the dream also
they said it all happened in December
and December we received the stuff and
it says seven months it happened all in
seven months and I was like all of this
couldn’t have happened in seven months
it’s just not possible I don’t know if
it’s this December next year December 2
following your December but I know all
of this is supposed to happen in the
winter the winter you’re gonna receive
this vaccine in the winter
don’t be naive you guys pray about it
ask God to reveal to you about this
vaccine that they are about to inject
into your system they probably got to
bring some just be careful but like I
was saying about um the brother in
Christ that I was leaving his video and
description one thing he mentioned on
his video and I think everyone should
know he said that the vid
um he’s this is what he said he said
that in his dream he saw that the
vaccine shot that the people were taken
were for 50 days they had to keep
injecting themselves for 50 days 50 days
come on why would you need an injection
that long that means that you for you to
have an injection for that long it sound
like they trying to put something in you
to stick inside
permanently maybe they are trying to
really change your DNA take away the
person that God made you and you don’t
want that god bless you guys I’m gonna
just leave it at that think about all of
this take it to God
let the Lord reveal to you about the
vaccine shot these people are trying to
put upon you guys trying to peer
pressure you guys to take in the near
future I know the president is telling
everyone that oh it’s only gonna be
those who want it they can have it let’s
just not be naive there’s a bigger
agenda to this than we all can see it’s
not gonna be people that want this
vaccine take it it’s gonna be in the
beginning they’re gonna make you take it
and you know it will be your free will
in the beginning and then they nigga try
to force your hands how they gonna try
to force your hands and I gotta let you
buy anything they’re not gonna let you
sell anything
you can’t go feed your family you can’t
pay your bills you can’t go get your
money out of your bank account basically
they’re gonna force your hand and if
that doesn’t work the third first first
phase they’re gonna give the first phase
they gonna do is let you do it on your
own second phase they’re gonna force it
they’re gonna they gonna drag your hands
to go get it cuz they’re gonna take
everything away from you third phase
there’s a third phase the third phase I
think they’re gonna they gonna force it
on you it’s gonna be mandatory you like
it or not and I mean third please the
third phase is fatal you take it or you
die I know this is hard nobody want to
hear this but brah I think we’re now
starting to receive dreams about the
vaccine and God is warning us about the
vaccine yes I am letting you guys know
do not take this thing if you take it
you’re on your own on this one god bless
you I hope you guys do
go out enjoy your cells for as long as
you can because soon again our freedom
is gonna be taken away and this time is
permanent it’s not gonna be the it’s not
gonna be it’s got it’s not gonna be
where they reopen things back up because
you know no this time I think it’s gonna
be like everyone y’all gonna have to
take this or go back home stay home and
they gonna force y’all hands
this be ready do not you know do not do
not be like thinking okay it’s not gonna
happen it’s not gonna happen it’s gonna
happen you guys God is starting to open
our eyes on this God is starting to
reveal to us the plans of the enemies
they’re not our friends they’re our
enemies blue gates fashi all those other
people trying to come up with a vaccine
shot trust me they’re gonna put
something in there it this is bigger
than us this is bigger than all of us
get ready Saints get ready and one your
loved ones one your family god bless you
guys Shalom take this to God love you
guys goodbye
I dreamed of The mark of the beast/ (Vaccine)


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