I cover you with My wing – Sarah Lynch

I cover you with My wing

April 3, 2020 6:02 AM
Sarah Lynch

I received this word from the LORD while in prayer this morning, very early, beginning at 4 a.m ending at around 5 a.m.

Holy Spirit is directing me to share immediately.

“My children,
Some of you are digging for truth in a putrid mountain of lies.
Searching out answers from evil ones, who’s only goal is to confuse and entangle My sheep.
Discernment, precious ones.

You must be full of My Holy Spirit to receive truth.
Trusting man at this time is very dangerous.
The enemy’s plan is to entrap you in the spirit of fear.
My children have no reason to fear.
I surround you. I cover you with My wings as a mother hen shelters her chicks.
If you are walking upon this earth in fear, you must return to My promises…My Word.

There is comfort in My secret place, children.
Draw near to Me, I shall show you truth.
I control ALL.
I love you, doves.
Fear NOT.

YESHUA, your Savior, loves you!!!


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