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I Can Touch Anything – Christina Davis

I Can Touch Anything

2019/12/22 at 4:35 AM
Christina Davis

Vision on 12/22/19 @ 1:01am

I saw a vision of the world before me. (The whole vision was in black and white. All the Nation’s were in white). Then I saw the giant arm of the Lord (I could only see His arm and hand below the elbow area) reach down from heaven and touch a nation. It seemed to be around the area of Moscow in Russia. Then the Lord moved His hand across the Atlantic Waters and His hand touched the United States… it seemed to be around the New York area on the East Coast. Then the Lord took his right hand and his left hand and touched the tip of His index fingers from tip to tip bringing them together. And then I heard Him say:
“I Can Touch Anything.”
To me the interpretation of this vision is a symbol of the Lord bringing two Nations to war against one another. The first Nation He touched would be the nation to go to war with the second nation He touched.

Praying about this vision,
Christina Davis
Fort Wayne, IN

2019/12/22 at 4:35 AM


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