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I call all men to repent – Krystal Beall

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I call all men to repent

June 15, 2022
Krystal Beall

June 15, 2022

The hour is dark and most evil. Evil and dark. Few that notice and look up. Few that watch and pray. Few that stand before me. Few have escaped indeed.

War has broken out in heaven…The battle rages in severity and intensity. The dragon is wroth. Wroth. Wroth. Man is blind in his sin and in his folly.

The GREAT FALLING AWAY has happened and continues to happen. Unfolding into fulfillment of all things. Sin upon sin. Lawlessness. I AM not known.

I AM not sought only but by my select called and chosen faithful few. My redeemed. As it was… How precious and loved are they whom suffer for me.

Whom stand and offer me all they are…yea even their lives. Having not loved their own lives unto death. A promised crown is thy reward. Eternal life.

I AM faithful. I AM true. I AM the way. I AM the TRUTH. I AM the life. I AM HOLY. I AM that I AM. I call all men to repent. I call and I call. Deaf ears and hearts of stone. Dead in sin.

Take heart all whom love me. Take heart. It is finished. I have overcome the world. I reign. Be glad oh earth and rejoice all whom love me. No fear have you whom are in me.

Watch now as all that is written and all that I have warned passes. Great and terrible is the darkness that descends. I have sent a terrible darkness and I AM increasing it. It shall become so dark that grown men shall wail and beat their breasts resounding lamentations.

America, I say again to you oh corrupt nation.. destroyers are in your midst. They walk among you. Seated at your table. Smile in your face as a friend. They hate you. Are against you. As you slept I led them in the night. Positioning them where I so desire. They shall stand up at my call and come forward. Betrayal on all sides. America besieged.

The hour is now. Now. Now. Now. Woe. Woe. Woe. Woe. I AM not for America. I have spit this nation out. Vomited. I turn my back to a nation that has turned their backs to me. I give this people whom have hated me all that they desire.

The wage of sin is death. Reap what you have sown oh nation that has rejected me. You have robbed me AMERICA AND I HAVE SUFFERED ENOUGH BECAUSE OF YOU. WOE. Fire and fire. Much fire. Awaken to fire and captivity. Vengance is mine. I will repay. Woe. Woe. Woe. Final hour. Final generation.

I have prepared a place that where I AM Ye may be also. Trust me. Mockers shall wail and howl in anguish as I strip and lay the earth bare. Desolation. I AM PAINED TO BE DELIVERED. DELIVERING I AM.

White stone. New name. Crowns. Life. Eternity. Those whom are last….first. First…last. I have switched and flipped everything. Overturned tables of corruption. Balancing an unjust scale.

Come up here. Arise. Did I not say my faithful…is it not written….with me all things are possible!!! Yea I have said. It is written. Believe I AM able to do this? Believe that I give the desires of your heart? Any faith left among you?

The ways of man perish. Never to rise again. All things new. Glory. Awaken my little flock. Awaken. It is my good pleasure to give you my kingdom. Eat and be satisfied. Never ashamed are my people. A prepared table. My house.

Remembering not what was. Awakening from a deep sleep to behold all I have prepared for they that love me. Behold my face. I call you friends.

I love you. I have loved you with an everlasting love. With kindness have I drawn you. Expect me. Great revelation. Behold.



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