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I am your Strength – Voice of Hope

Voice of Hope

September 5, 2018

My Precious One,

Because of the trials and battles you’ve been going through, you have grown tired in every sense. Your body is tired. Your heart and mind are worn out.

There are many days you’ve not wanted to get out of bed, after nights of no real rest, because you didn’t feel you had the strength to face another day.

You’ve been slowly shutting down socially and emotionally too. Worn out. Tired. At the very end of your strength.

You are feeling helpless as you look at all the things you need to do and what you believe you should have accomplished by now, even this year, but you are so worn out…so tired…

I take you up in My arms right now. I take you up in My everlasting arms that have carried you from the day you were born.

I am your Strength and at this point when you feel your strength is completely gone, I arise and become strong on your behalf.

I stir up your hope and faith again. I command My joy to arise within you again like a fountain.

Let My joy flood your spirit and soul right now and become your strength! I renew your strength. You will not give up.

Yes, you are hard pressed on every side right now, but I give you My Word – you will not be crushed.

You have been struck down, misunderstood and hurt, but you are not alone and you will not be destroyed.

Come now, rest in My arms. Release all your weight, your burdens, your unanswered questions, your frustrations, your weaknesses in My Arms.

I care for you. I will carry you. I will give you solutions you hadn’t thought of before, and I will lead you through the way of escape I have already provided for you!

And now in My Strength and by the power of My Spirit, I charge and release you this day to take off and soar like an eagle!

I arise within you and stir you up! I propel you! I push you forward! I accelerate you! In spite of what’s been happening, I make you strong!

Your Burden Bearer,

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