I AM Will Trample, Crush And Destroy My Enemies – Only a Grain of Sand

I AM Will Trample, Crush And Destroy My Enemies

August 17, 2020
Only A Grain Of Sand

Some of you have waited and prepared for many, many years and are getting old and tired of waiting. Some of you My Children, want this to all roll out right NOW! Think Again! I want to save every soul; that is still human. That will take time.

You Pre-Tribulation believers think you will vanish this earth without a scratch? Oh, My deluded Children. This error was initiated and promulgated only two hundred years ago. It was whispered into the ears of pastors, who had one foot in my sheepfold, and one foot in the enemies camp (Masons).

I AM tells you now, the first Christians who surround My Throne in Heaven, are ashamed of those of your generation who hold to this lie. They suffered persecution and many, martyrdom in silence, though in their hearts they were singing My praises. I AM tells you NOW if you do not give up this abomination, this refusal to accept My Holy Will, your screams of anger will reach My Throne,
soon, when you face what is coming to your fallen world. But I AM will ignore your ministrations, the spew of spoiled brats, determined to have it your own way.

Look what your own ways have brought forth! Your generation is the filthiest of any who have walked this earth. The ones who died in The Flood, come second after you. And How Many Were Saved From The Flood Waters? Count them on your fingers you reprobates!

I AM has waited. I AM has prayed for you from the time I walked this earth, as a man like you. For indeed I saw this generation, as I sweated Blood in the Garden of Gethsemane over this last generation.

All Heaven shudders at what must now follow. Your rage at the coming Judgments will fall back on yourselves, for it can not touch Me. I AM Love and Mercy, BUT, I AM also the Just Judge, of you human beings. You who do not want their Creator God, detest The Ten Commandments, spit in the face of your Father and Redeemer Son, denying the Holy Spirit. Selah, It Is Enough!

The snake king worked overtime to stop the release of this word, he has failed again! All Honor, Glory & Praise To The Lord Jesus Christ Forever & Ever!

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