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I AM weary with the sin – Krystal Beall

I AM weary with the sin

May 31, 2019
Krystal Beall

I AM weary with the sin. I will not compete with this most evil…wicked…vile… sinful selfish and corrupt generation.

It is never enough. Man is full of greed. Thankless and full of lust. Corruption fills every corner of the earth shutting man’s heart and like a dry well, is his love. Who amongst you seeks holiness, desires it? Where are your eyes fixated…upon whom does your gaze fall? Truly I tell you for the vast majority…it is not I.

Shall I continue to suffer as you go off to college, seek advancement in employment, and store up for yourselves treasures that shall not be given you? Why are you drinking from the enemy’s chalice and feasting on leavened bread? Deny yourself…pick up your cross and follow me, falls upon many deaf ears. Yea even my own cause me great grief and suffering. Many profess my name but their hearts are far from me.

Do you know me as I really am? Do you desire to? So caught up in the beast system many are. Come out of the world. Come out from among them. Be ye separate and I shall receive you unto myself. Blind and led to the slaughter are the multitudes. Knowledge has increased as wisdom perishes. You see not as I see. I AM grieved by all that in which I behold. You can not fathom my sorrow. My judgement shall increase upon a nation whom has rejected me.

The chastisements shall increase in severity. Vengance is mine, I will repay. I AM merciful and long-suffering but also just. You not not the pain I feel when I look upon the earth in this hour. What I shall reveal will bring all to their knees…yes all..for what is misunderstood in revelation shall be crystal clear. Tears of sorrow shall cover the faces of men. Look upon the one whom you have pierced and mourn for him as one mourns for an only son. My garden is desecrated and defiled.

Many are deceived in believing they are living lives pleasing and acceptable to me. You know me not. I desire you know me, see me as I truly AM. I the LORD do not change. I will reap the harvest I shed my blood for. I will dwell among a holy people whom love and desire me above all, yeah even their very lives.

Behold I come quickly. My rewards are with me. Beloved grow not weary in well doing….for the season of reaping has come. I hear your cries of pain and discouragement as you feel all in which I have annointed you to speak to the people has, in your sight not come to pass. Faith my child. Faith. Not sight. Faith pleases me. To all whom truly love and desire me, you are balm to my wounds and my treasures in jars of clay. What joy you bring me. What delight I feel to be in your presence.

The earth shakes with violence in this hour. What is shall be no more. Look up for now is the hour of your redemption. Watch. Pray. I will never disappoint you. The darkness increases with fury. Evil shall spread with anger as many more fall prey to the enemy’s schemes. So blind and deaf are you. So lost. I shall show mercy to many in this last hour as I AM seen by all humanity…yeah even the ones who pierced me.

What price I paid. What I gave…all I gave..shall return unto me. What you paid…all you gave shall return until you. Devestation. Death. Resurrection. I have made all things new. Believe. Trust me.


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Krystal Beall


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