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I Am Waiting Says The Lord – Veronica Cuello Mazzillo

I Am Waiting Says The Lord

April 13, 2020 2:09 AM
Veronica Cuello Mazzillo

Message given from The Holy Spirit on the 10th of April 2020.

I Am Waiting Says The Lord

“Since this quarantine started, I Am Waiting. What I’m Waiting for? I’m waiting for my people to repent. Of what? You ask. I Have to Tell you once again because My Holy Spirit Has Told You and you do not want to hear Him.

You think that my presence is still in your temples, yes, your temples because my Glory have Abandoned them along time ago. How long ago? Since I Said in my Word that the apostasy was here and you decided not to preach against it, but to you join it.

Now listen well, if you say that my blood Has washed your sins, if you say you are a new born christian and you say you love me and that I Am yours and that you are Mine, listen well:

To all pastors that command the churches, because you command the church not Me and this is the first sin that you have to repent for.

Pastors since the quarantine started I’ve Been waiting that you repent of your freemasonry, that you cry, because you have known the depths of satan and you are taking with you my sons the ones that I have washed with my blood directly to hell. I Am Waiting, I Haven’t Heard it yet. I have Been Waiting day and night I Do not Sleep but I Haven’t heard it. I Am Waiting for you to make a vow unto Me and that you repent of your falsity.

I Am Waiting that the false women pastors abandoned pulpits and give the pulpits to men. You have said in your heart:” Men are not able to take the pulpits”. Well neither you have been able to have it, cause you have tollerate Jezebel and have fallen in omosexuality sin, you have blessed what is an abomination for me. I Am Waiting for you to repent of taking my rainbow, yes is My rainbow, sign of the covenant I Made to Noah and every living creature, and you have taken to promote what is an abomination for me.

I Am Waiting for repentance, but the only thing I Have Heard is about convocations, chains of prayers, prayers for who? Pray for you that when I Will Return you may have confidence and you won’t be ashame before me.

I Am Waiting church that you open Revelations chapters one, two and three repent of all the sins written in the message to the churches and become as the Philadelphia church.

I Am Waiting that you repent for your love for this world, for your love to paganism. I Am Waiting that you enter in your secret room and let Me wash you of all your sins, and I want anguish, crying, gnash your teeth now because then it will be too late. I Am Waiting for you to repent and ask your kids to forgive you cause you have taught them tradition and My Word is not written in their hearts.
I Am Waiting for you to repent, I am waiting for you to repent.

Priests for you there is no more time I Have Given to you too many opportinities and time, and you don’t want to repent. Not even with 7 quarantines you will want to repent. The falling of Babylon is near.
My grace and My forgiveness is still current, come to Me and I Will Wash your sins, but I Want to See fruits of repentance.I Want to Hear ministers, pastors and all My body to ask Me for forgiveness.
Maybe I Should wait any longer? I Will wait I’m a merciful and patient God. But the time to repentance is now, not tomorrow I want the masks to fall. Anguish and asking for forgiveness I Want to Hear.

Strong words? Now listen well my children: To him that overcometh I Will Give to eat of the tree of life, Be faithful unto death and I will Give you a crown of life. You will not be hurt with the second death. To him that overcometh I Will Give him to eat of the hidden manna and Give him a white stone and a new name written in the white stone. To him that overcometh I Will Give power over the nations and shall rule with a rod of iron, I Will Give you the Morning Star. To him that overcometh I shall be clothed with in white raiment, I Will not Blot out his name of The Book of Life and I Will Confess his name Before My Father and before His angels. Become as the church if Philadelphia and I Will keep you from the hour of temptation that will shall come upon all the world. I Will Make you a pillar in the Temple of My God. To him that shall overcometh I Will Grant to sit with Me in My Throne. I know you can overcome this world, because I Have already Overcame this world”. He that hath an ear, let him hear what The Spirit Says unto the churches.
I Am Waiting Says The Lord”.

This was the message. I hope I wrote it well cause english is not my mother language. Blessings to you and JesusChrist helps us in all these trials. His Word is true. And the time is near very near. My church is Ministero Uno in Cristo ( Vicenza, Italy). Pray for me I’ve been loosing my strengh but I know that getting onmy knees will make My JesusChrist to Give me more strengh. The Lord have put in my heart to pray with The Revelation book open and ask Him to help us with all the things that are coming. Example: Lord help us that the yellow horse doesn’ affect us, pray for the days od darkness to have strengh for those days too. Well brother or sister, Blessings from Italy.

Veronica Cuello Mazzillo.

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  1. McKana

    Thank you and God bless you Veronica Cuello Mazzillo.
    You have done well. Your English is good. Had you not mentioned it, no one would mind.

    Tell your friends around to Repent.
    This small scourge is to bring the people close to God. The end of God is for good.

    Thank you again

  2. McKana

    See how our Lord is good!
    “To him that shall overcometh I Will Grant to sit with Me in My Throne”

    Revelation 1:6 (KJV)
    And hath made us kings and priests unto God and his Father; to him be glory and dominion for ever and ever. Amen.
    Thank you Veronica!

  3. Catherine

    How can pastors repent, if they don’t know anymore about what, they should repent? they made so many compromises and now are blind. If I asked them: why do you have homosexuals in the church? the answer was: we have liars in the church, why not Homosexuals? and this is not only for the pastors but for everybody.

  4. Alida

    Praying for you, precious sister!! May the love of our Father and Saviour envelop you mightily !

  5. David Mehew

    Thank you for sharing Sister Veronica. I know now is the time to save up oil for the coming trials .Although I don’t see myself as worthy of handing out advice, I hope this may help. Find what your weaknesses are in the faith and ask God to specifically help you target them

  6. Rita

    It’s April 14, 2020, almost 3 pm.
    Take a look at the “World Population” monitor.
    Right now, it just surpassed “7,777,772,900”

  7. Rita

    April 14, 2020 – Tuesday @ 3:28 pm

    The “World Population” hit

  8. Cedric

    Hey I just had a dream. It was somehow troubling and shocking. We were somewhere as a group talking about something. So I saw a huge Cross laying beside us. And then I saw someone the face look familiar but I am not sure if it was the same guy that do video preaching on YouTube. The guy was trying to lay the cross on a different position but he couldn’t, for the cross was so heavy. The cross was like a huge metal. All of sudden the guy couldn’t pick it up alone. People was trying to help him put it the way he was trying to lay it but it was tooooo heavy and more people came to help. It looks as if the cross turned all of sudden more heavier as they tried to pick it up. I saw one of my brother trying to help carrying it. That’s why I was paying attention. And all of sudden, all of them find themselves carried away up on top of a building. For some reason that cross was connected to a huge steel/metal cable similar to the one elevators companies or truck use to pull (1)

    All of sudden, all of them started to fall. The building was around 10-15 floors that’s my guest. Some were trying to hang to the cable, the cable started to break down with pressure. And in a matter of minutes, they all fell and the cross on top of them as well. The scene was so chocking. I thought they all died because that huge cross fell on them as well.But what shocked me even more was the fact they were injured 🤕 only. Some had bruises, others had second and third degree burn on their skin. My brother only had a few scratches on his face. And we found ourselves in a room where they were all laying on the ground. So we tried to remember the procedure from nurses use when something like that happen. But I am not sure if they really made it. Because I had a feeling some would not live longer. A few of them were severely injured, their body was damaged. I think the adrenaline sustained during the fall was maybe what kept them alive. And then I woke up. I am shaking (2)

    and then for some reason I found myself in a different dream but somehow attached to the other one. We were inside a house with my brother and a few people. At first it felt as if we were in some sort of house where authorities live. But I didn’t like the ruler at all. I could feel the guy was just evil, my brother and I were the only one who rejected his authority. But somehow for whatever reason they wanted our approval. And then we went in a room because we couldn’t stand those people. And the next ruler came to us after. The guy was a different race. It’s like seeing a French becoming president in an african country. It felt normal but in my spirit I was troubled because it didn’t make sense at all. And I gave him a high five ✋ just to be nice, for I know why he came to us. For some reason I feel bad after that because it was totally against my will to make him feel welcome.(3)

    and after that, I remember I was sleeping by I could feel like people were laying on the ground outside of our house. They had nowhere to go. They looked desperate but violent at the same time. They were outside with their family including children. I didn’t know why they were outside looking for a shelter but I could feel it was a perilous time we were living in. I don’t remember why I wanted to go outside but I wish I stayed inside because I could feel they wanted what we had. (4)

    and then I woke up. I don’t know how to interpret that. But I feel uneasy inside of me. Not as much as troubled like I was during the first dream. That one totally shocked me. Maybe that’s the reason why I didn’t feel as much as shocked like the first one. But both were really strange and disturbing to me. Once these dreams were over, I whispered jesus name. And I did a prayer to regain peace. I am not a dreamer, and I do not often do such dreams as these, but I do normal dream just like the rest of us do. I hope you would help me understand those dreams. Have a great easter !

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