I AM Time – Sister Devin

Received to Sister Devin

Received on October 15th, 2018

The Father reveals 2 mysteries in this message

I AM Time

“My beautiful, beautiful cherished children; this is your Father, the Creator of the universe. The creator of all things therein. Your maker and beloved Father. TIME IS UP. You must make a choice now. My Son is about to take His Bride home. This is not a joke precious ones. Come to Me and ask forgiveness and I will wash you clean, as white as snow. Can I, Adonai, the Most High, not stop time? Think of this; for I show you a mystery; for I AM a God of infallible love, and I have no boundaries. I will tell you a mystery: when the clock strikes 12 midnight, time will STOP by My hand. For I AM TIME. For I have been here from the beginning and I AM the end. Come to Me children, come now. For time is about to STOP. I love you, My beloved children. Seek me on bent knee, and I will guide you to the truth. My truth, NOT yours. Put on your full armour and prepare for war. I AM with you.

I love you all!”

The Father

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